Thrive in Genetics

ISBN : 9780199694624

Alison Thomas
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Thrive in Bioscience Revision Guides

The Thrive in Bioscience revision guides are written to help students achieve exam success in all core areas of bioscience. Each title encourages the reader to follow four steps to maximise their learning, with features to support this process. Step One: Review the facts The revision guides are designed to help learning be quick and effective: * Information is set out in bullet points, making it easy to digest. * Clear, uncluttered illustrations illuminate what is said in the text. * Key concept panels summarise the essential learning points. Step 2: Check your understanding Readers are encouraged to: * Complete the questions at the end of chapters and online multiple-choice questions to reinforce their learning. * Use the flashcard app to master the essential terms and phrases. Step 3: Take note of extra advice Revision tips, and hints for getting those precious extra marks in exams, are presented throughout. Step 4: Go the extra mile Readers can explore the suggestions for further reading to take their understanding one step further. Each title in the series is tailored to maximise understanding and achievement, to ensure that the reader really can thrive in their studies. They are the perfect course companions for any bioscience degree. Each title in the series is accompanied by the following digital resources: A flashcard glossary app, enabling the user to test their understanding of key terminology; A bank of interactive MCQs, giving users a hands-on way to check they have fully understood the concepts presented.


1. Chromosomes and Cellular Reproduction
2. Principles of Mendelian Inheritance
3. Further Mendelian Principles
4. Eukaryotic Gene Mapping
5. Quantitative Genetics
6. The Genetics of Bacteria, Viruses, and Organelles
7. The Biochemical Basis of Heredity
8. From Genotype to Phenotype I: RNA and Transcription
9. From Genotype to Phenotype II: RNA to Protein
10. Control of Gene Expression
11. Gene Mutations
12. Chromosome Mutations
13. Genetics of Populations
14. Working with Genes: Analysing and Manipulating DNA


Dr Alison Thomas is a Senior Lecturer and Pathway Leader for Genetics in the Department of Life Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University where she teaches on a wide range of genetic and molecular biology modules, including Medical Genetics, DNA and Gene Manipulation and Biological Conservation. Alison received a BA. Hons. (Oxon) in Botany (top first in department and college) and a PhD in fungal genetics from the National Institute for Medical Research in association with University College, London. Her research interests are in Molecular Ecology; current research projects include those exploring the ecological impact of the recent harlequin ladybird invasion into the UK, and the evolutionary adaptive value of melanism in squirrels.