Revision Notes for the Respiratory Medicine Specialty Certificate Examination

ISBN : 9780199693481

Caroline Patterson; Meg Coleman
136 ページ
169 x 236 mm

The newly introduced Specialty Certificate Examinations are a compulsory component of assessment for all UK medical trainees and represent the final examination barrier before being able to apply for consultant positions. This book provides a unique examination-specific revision guide for the SCE in Respiratory Medcine. Comprising of best of five multiple choice questions, detailed answers and separate revision notes, Revision Notes for the Respiratory Medicine Specialty Certificate Examination is the only book you need to prepare for this important examination. Questions are based around clinical scenarios and supplemented with images of radiological investigations such as x-rays and lung function tests. Each question is structured as in the examination itself. The revision notes cover key areas and difficult concepts assessed in the examination, referencing national and international guidelines in topics including respiratory infection, respiratory malignancy, industrial lung disease, sleep disorders, standard respiratory tests and medical statistics.


1. Best of five questions
2. Obstructive lung disease
3. Thoracic oncology and palliative care
4. Pulmonary infection
5. Tuberculosis and opportunistic mycobacterial disease
6. Bronchiectasis
7. Interstitial lung disease
8. Pulmonary vascular disease
9. Eosinophilic lung disease
10. Sleep disorders
11. Disorders of the mediastinum and pleura
12. Occupation and environmental lung disease
13. Lung transplantation
14. Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
15. Pulmonary function tests
16. Respiratory scoring systems and statistics
17. Best of five answers
References and essential guidelines


Dr Caroline Patterson is a graduate of Nottingham Medical School, and a Royal Air Force Medical Officer, who is undertaking specialist training in Respiratory and General Internal Medicine on the North West Thames Rotation.; Dr Meg Coleman graduated from Royal Free and University College London Medical school in 2002 after completing MBBS and an intercalated BSc in Physiology and Pharmacology. After her senior house officer rotation and MRCP (2005) she spent a year working in Intensive Care in New Zealand. She returned to the UK in 2007 to start specialist training in Respiratory and General Internal Medicine on the Northwest Thames rotation. She recently returned from a year working and teaching in Malawi where she undertook research into the causes of pleural effusions in patients with Kaposi's Sarcoma. She is now working as an ST6 at the Royal Brompton Hospital.