Introduction to Management

ISBN : 9780199642991

Colin Combe
656 ページ
191 x 243 mm
  • Designed to help boost students' academic grades and employability through the provision of integrated Skillsets, which link practical skills with topics in the textbook. These innovative features also clearly demonstrate the relevance of the theoretical material to the real world.
  • A truly international range of case studies broadens students' horizons and encourages them to look beyond the standard set of UK and American examples. Emerging economies are given more attention with detailed analysis of case studies from the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.
  • Case studies analyse service and manufacturing industries, not-for-profit organisations as well as public and private companies. Entrepreneurs, managers and leaders are also covered to provide students with management insights from key practitioners from a range of sectors.
  • Critical reflection boxes encourage students to develop a critical mindset and consider the academic debates behind the theories.
  • A range of online resources to give students more insight into management. Detailed podcast interviews with practitioners expand upon the features in the textbook, and a library of video links offers a variety of contemporary and stimulating material to engage students.

This brand new textbook covers all of the core topics found on Introduction to Management modules, and the author's clear, accessible writing style guides students through the world of management. The book also goes a step further to encourage students to develop a critical mindset and think about academic debates around the subject.
Innovative Skillsets linked to each substantive chapter integrate practical skills with the topics. Skills such as time management, critical analysis, referencing, personal development planning and reviewing literature are included. Clear, step-by-step guidance helps students develop each skill, understand why it is important, and see how the topic is relevant to practical applications in the real world of business.
A truly international range of case studies broadens students' horizons and encourages them to look beyond the standard examples from the UK and America. Emerging markets are becoming ever more important in the rapidly changing business environment, a fact reflected by the inclusion of case studies from the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.
An Online Resource Centre accompanies the textbook, and includes:
For students:
Multiple choice questions
Suggested answers for the exercises and discussion points.
Flashcard glossary.
Web links.
For adopting lecturers: 
Test Bank of exercises.
Library of video links, with teaching notes and cross-references to the textbook.
Fully integrated and customisable PowerPoint slides.


Part One: Management Principles and Functions
1:Introduction to Management
Skillset: Reading skills
2:Management Theory
Skillset: Referencing
Skillset: Time management
Skillset: Sourcing materials
Skillset: Analyzing a case study
Skillset: Exam techniques
Skillset: Literature review
Part Two: Managing People and Communications
8:Human Resource Management
Skillset: Typical exam questions and answer guide
9:Motivation and Communication
Skillsets: Presentation skills
10:Managing teams and teamwork
Skillset: Essay writing
Part Three: Management and Organisations
11:Organisational Structure
Skillset: Essay example
12:Organisational Culture
Skillset: Critical analysis
13:Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Skillset: Avoiding plagiarism
Part Four: Managing Strategy, Change and Innovation
14:Strategic Management
Skillset: Personal development planning
Skillset: Reflective practice
16:Change Management and Innovation
Skillset: Overview


Colin Combe, Senior Lecturer, Glasgow Caledonian University
Colin Combe is a senior lecturer in strategic management at Glasgow Caledonian University. He teaches modules in strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation and digital economy to a range of UG and PG courses. His research interests are in social innovation, innovation strategies and the intellectual property of digital technologies. He has published many academic articles on these subjects and presented papers to international conferences. Previously, he has worked as research consultant for the World Bank culminating in a report into administrative capacities for e-government harmonisation in the EU. Colin represents GCU on the ERDF funded INNOVATE project that focuses on economic growth strategies for the knowledge-based and creative industries in the Atlantic Area. This project has funded the establishment of the Social Innovation Network at GCU that is a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing on social innovation between academics, practitioners and policymakers.
Dr Peter Duncan, Senior Lecturer, Glasgow Caledonian University

The writing of this textbook is overwhelmingly exceptional. I cannot stress enough how accessibly, straightforwardly, and concisely it presents often quite complicated material. It balances exactly right the need to make these subjects both digestible and rich for young students. - Dr Peter Bloom, University of Swansea
The skillsets provide an excellent breakdown of highly relevant and important topics such as presentation and time-management skills which are crucial for preparing university students for future years of study. I would have found this book a great help during my first year of university. - Adam Horton, student at Brunel University
The combination of current and classic material provides students with the basis on which to understand the foundations of management, and also some of the current applications within our complex commercial context. The accessible and clear writing style doesn't condescend but equally does not overcomplicate. - Alistair Norman, Lecturer, University of Leeds
Pitched at the right level for first year students, this will give a firm foundation for any further studies as well as being a source of reference to the students in years to come. - Mike Davies, Teaching Fellow, University of Reading
The book is clear and well written, and all the chapters have a good mix of critical material. I think the international cases are brilliant - much clearer and more understandable than those offered by competitors. - Vivienne Byers, Lecturer, Dublin Institute of Technology
The authors have succeeded in building compelling cases on a solid theoretical foundation. It is not easy to come up with something really new when discussing management science. - Martijn van Velzen, Assistant Professor, University of Twente, Netherlands