French Women and the Empire: The Case of Indochina

ISBN : 9780199640362

Marie-Paule Ha
304 ページ
163 x 238 mm

French Women and the Empire is the first book-length investigation of colonial gender politics in Third Republic France, using Indochina as a case study. Its departure point is the interrogation of the dramatic change in the French colonialist view of the empire as an exclusively male preserve where women feared to tread. At the turn of the century, a reverse discourse emerged in the metropole, forcefully arguing that colonial female emigration was essential to " colonisation. The study begins by analysing the highly complex web of interconnected factors underlying this radical transformation in the representation of the empire from being a " into a " Then, drawing on a large body of hitherto little examined sources, the study continues by reconstructing the experiences and activities of French women in Indochina from the fin-de-siecle to the interwar era. The most significant finding from this study is that contrary to the image propagated by promotional literature of the colonial woman as essentially a bourgeois homemaker, the class and ethnic make-up of the French female population in the Asian colony was in fact remarkably heterogeneous, with a sizeable contingent of them, married or single, actively engaging in a variety of paid employment outside the home. By thus foregrounding the diversity and complexity of colonial female experiences, French Women and the Empire seeks to move the story of French women and the empire beyond the narrow confines of the imperial family romance to the wider arena of the colonial public sphere.


1. Searching for Mme Donnadieu: Researching French Colonial Women's History
2. Gender, Migration, and Empire
3. Mission Civilisatrice au Feminin: The Colonial Feminine Mystique and the White Woman's Burden
4. Promoting Emigration to Indochina
5. Francais d'Indochine
6. Poor, White, Single, and Female in the Colony
7. A Class of their Own: Professional Coloniales
8. Imperial Homemaking


Marie-Paule Ha has published widely in the areas of gender studies, colonial history, and diaspora studies. She is currently working on a sourcebook on French women and the empire and a study of the history of women and the Chinese diaspora in Vietnam.