Tropical Diseases

ISBN : 9780199997909

Yann A. Meunier
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Tropical Diseases outlines the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases encountered in developing regions--areas where the unexpected can occur and where Western medical capabilities are often unavailable. Taking a pragmatic approach, it is an invaluable reference and resource for medical professionals and students travelling abroad or working in unfamiliar terrain. Diseases profiled here include a brief historical background, main signs and symptoms, and practical methods of individual prevention and treatment. Additional features include: - Over 60 maps depicting the geographic origins and modern distribution of tropical diseases - A classification scheme for parasitic diseases according to the location of the final parasitic stage in the human body - Clinical case studies For the new or experienced health care provider, Tropical Diseases is a handy, practical guide to treating and avoiding disease in any environment.


Book Introduction
About the Main and Contributing Authors
Disease and Patient Introduction
Part One: Parasitic Diseases
Blood and Lymphatic System Diseases
* Filariasis (lymphatic)
* Leishmaniasis (visceral, or kala azar, or dum dum disease)
* Malaria (or blackwater fever)
* Trypanosomiasis (African, or sleeping sickness)
* Trypanosomiasis (American, or Chagas disease)
Digestive Tract Diseases
* Amebiasis (intestinal)
* Amebiasis (liver)
* Amebiasis (ameboma)
* Balantidiasis (or balantidiosis)
* Ancylostomiasis (or hookworm disease)
* Ascariasis
* Distomatosis (biliary/liver, or biliary/liver fluke infection including opistorchiasis and fascioliasis)
* Distomatosis (intestinal)
* Giardiasis (or beaver fever)
* Schistosomiasis (intestinal)
* Strongyloidiasis
* Trichuriasis (or whipworm disease)
Lung Disease
* Paragonimiasis (or lung fluke infection)
Nail and Hair Diseases
Nail Diseases
* Candidiasis (or moniliasis)
* Dermatophytosis
Hair Diseases
* Pediculosis capitis (or head lice)
* Pthiriasis (or crabs)
* Tinea capitis (or head ringworm)
Sexual Organ Diseases
* Candidiasis (or moniliasis)
* Trichomoniasis
Skin and Integumentary System Diseases
* Candidiasis (or moniliasis)
* Dermatophytosis
* Dracunculiasis (or Guinea worm disease or dracontiasis)
* Leishmaniasis (cutaneous)
* Leishmaniasis (muco-cutaneous)
* Loiasis (or eyeworm disease)
* Malasseziosis (or pityriasis versicolor)
* Myiasis (or tumba fly)
* Onchocerciasis (or river blindness)
* Pediculosis corporis (or body lice)
* Scabies (or Norwegian itch)
* Tinea nigra palmis and plantaris
* Tungiasis
Urinary Tract Diseases
* Schistosomiasis (urinary)
Parasitic Dead-ends and Larval Diseases
* Angiostrongyliasis
* Cenurosis
* Cysticercosis
* Gnathostomiasis
* Hydatidosis
* Larva migrans (cutaneous, or creeping eruption)
* Linguatulosis
* Porocephalosis
* Sparganosis
* Toxocariasis (or visceral larva migrans or roudworm infection)
* Trichinellosis
Part Two: Deep Fungal Diseases
* Basidiobolomycosis
* Blastomycosis (North American, or Gilchrist disease or Chicago disease)
* Blastomycosis (South American, or Lutz-Splendore-Almeida disease)
* Chromomycosis
* Coccidioidomycosis (or Posada, Wernicke and Rixford disease)
* Conidiobolomycosis
* Histoplasmosis (African)
* Histoplasmosis (American, or Darling disease)
* Lobomycosis (or Jorge Lobo disease)
* Mycetoma (or Madura foot)
* Pythiosis
* Rhinosporidiosis
* Scytalidiosis
Part Three: Bacterial, Chlamydial and Prion Diseases
Bacterial Diseases
* Anthrax
* Bartonellosis (or Carrion disease)
* Bejel (or endemic syphilis)
* Buruli ulcers (or Bairnsdale or Daintree or Mossman or Searls ulcer, or mycoburuli ulcers)
* Diphtheria
* Chancroid (or soft chancre, or ulcus molle)
* Cholera
* Gonorrhea (or clap)
* Granuloma inguinale (or Donovan disease)
* Leprosy (or Hansen disease)
* Leptospirosis (or Weil disease, or Nanukayami fever)
* Melioidosis (or Whitmore disease)
* Meningococcal meningitis
* Pertussis (or whooping cough)
* Pinta (or carate)
* Plague (or black death)
* Salmonellosis (typhoid fever or enteric fever)
* Salmonellosis (Salmonella gastroenteritis)
* Shigellosis
* Syphilis (or hard chancre)
* Tuberculosis (or TB)
* Yaws (or pian, or parangi, or paru, or frambesia tropica)
Chlamydial Diseases
* Lymphogranuloma venereum (or Durand-Nicholas-Favre disease)
* Trachoma (or granular conjunctivitis or Egyptian ophthalmia)
* Urethritis and cervicitis
Prion Disease
* Variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease
Part Four: Viral Diseases
Common Diseases
* Dengue fever (or breakbone fever)
* Hepatitis
* Herpes simplex (or cold or fever sore)
* Influenza (flu)
* Measles
* Poliomyelitis (or polio)
* Yellow fever (or black vomit)
Rare Diseases
* Arboviral diseases
* Arenaviral diseases (including Tacaribe complex and Lassa fever diseases)
* Bunyaviral diseases (including Rift Valley fever -RVF-)
* Coronaviral disease (S.A.R.S.)
* Filoviral diseases (including Ebola and Marburg virus diseases)
* Flaviviral diseases
* Hantaviral diseases (including Hantan virosis)
* Paramyxoviral diseases (including Hendra and Nipah viroses)
* Reoviral diseases (including rotavirus disease)
* Rhabdoviral diseases (including Mossuril virus and lyssavirus diseases)
* Togaviral diseases (including Chikungunya virus disease)
Part Five: Other Tropical Health Hazards
Animal-induced Diseases
* Bees and hymenoptera
* Butterflies
* Cats (including allergies, cat bite, cat scratch disease, mycoses, rabies, scabies, taeniasis, tetanus, toxocarosis)
* Centipedes
* Dogs (including dog bite, cutaneous larva migrans, linguatulosis, mycoses, rabies, scabies, tetanus, toxocarosis)
* Fish
* Fleas (including murine typhus, plague, taeniasis, tungiasis)
* Jelly fish/Anemones/Physaliae
* Leeches
* Lice (including epidemic louse-borne typhus, pediculosis capitis, pediculosis corporis, pthiriasis, trench fever, ubiquitous relapsing fever)
* Mollusks
* Muraenae (or moray eels)
* Rats (including sodoku, tetanus)
* Scorpions
* Snakes
* Spiders
* Ticks (including arboviroses, regional relapsing fever)
* Trombiculidae (scrub typhus)
Exotic Food Poisoning
* Ciguatera
* Other ichtyosarcotoxisms
* Fish poisoning
* Mushroom poisoning
Heat-related Illnesses
* Miliaria (or prickly heat)
* Tropical anhidrotic asthenia (or heat asthenia)
* Heat exhaustion
* Heat stroke
Travelers and Tropical Diseases
* Mortality/morbidity
* Precautions to take before, during and after traveling
* Traveler's diarrhea (or turista)
Antibiotic Resistance
* Differential diagnosis
* Diarrhea
* Fever
* Pruritus
* Splenomegaly
International Generic and Brand Names of Drugs
Contraindications for Drugs
List of FDA-Approved Vaccines
List of Vaccines Available in France
Link to Major International Healthcare Organizations
Map and Table Indexes
Patient Cases Index
Disease Index
Symptom Index
Meaning of Abbreviations
Key Words


Yann Meunier is the CEO of HealthConnect International Inc, a healthcare consulting company based in Silicon Valley, CA, and Advisor in the Medscholars Research Fellowships Program at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is honorary member of the Brazilian Academy of Medicine, associate member of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, member of the International Academy of Fellows and Associates, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and fellow of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine. He received his Tropical Medicine specialty degree from the university Paris VI and was consultant in Tropical Medicine at the Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris. He has practiced medicine for many years in Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.