Philosophy at 3:AM: Questions and Answers with 25 Top Philosophers

ISBN : 9780199969531

Richard Marshall
304 ページ
164 x 237 mm

The appeal of philosophy has always been its willingness to speak to those pressing questions that haunt us as we make our way through life. What is truth? Could we think without language? Is materialism everything? But in recent years, philosophy has been largely absent from mainstream cultural commentary. Many have come to believe that the field is excessively technical and inward-looking and that it has little to offer outsiders. The 25 interviews collected in this volume, all taken from a series of online interviews with leading philosophers published by the cultural magazine 3ammagazine.com, were carried out with the aim of confronting widespread ignorance about contemporary philosophy. Interviewer Richard Marshall's informed and enthusiastic questions help his subjects explain the meaning of their work in a way that is accessible to non-specialists. Contemporary philosophical issues are presented through engaging but serious dialogues that, taken together, offer a glimpse into key debates across the discipline. Alongside metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, political philosophy and ethics, discussed here are feminist philosophy, continental philosophy, pragmatism, philosophy of religion, experimental philosophy, bioethics, animal rights, and legal philosophy. Connections between philosophy and fields such as psychology, cognitive science, and theology are likewise examined. Marshall interviews philosophers both established and up-and coming. Engaging, thoughtful and thought-provoking, inviting anyone with a hunger for philosophical questions and answers to join in, Philosophy at 3:AM shows that contemporary philosophy can be relevant - and even fun.


i. Introduction.
Chapter 1. Brian Leiter: 'Leiter Reports'
Chapter 2. Jason Stanley : 'Philosophy As The Great Naivete'
Chapter 3. Eric Schwitzgebel: 'The Splintered Skeptic'
Chapter 4. Mark Rowlands: 'Hour Of The Wolf'
Chapter 5. Eric T Olson: 'The Philosopher With No Hands'
Chapter 6. Craig Callender: ' Time Lord'
Chapter 7. Kieran Setiya: ' What Anscombe Intended and Other Puzzles'
Chapter 8. Kit Fine: 'Metaphysical Kit'
Chapter 9. Patricia Churchland: 'Causal Machines'
Chapter 10. Valerie Tiberius: 'Mostly Elephant, ErgoEL'
Chapter 11. Peter Carruthers: 'Mind Reader'
Chapter 12. Josh Knobe: 'Indie Rock Virtues'
Chapter 13. Al Mele: 'The Four Million Dollar Philosopher
Chapter 14.Graham Priest: 'Logically Speaking'
Chapter 15. Ursula Renz: 'After Spinoza: Wiser, Freer, Happier'
Chapter 16. Cecile Fabre: ' On The Intrinsic Value Of Each Of Us'
Chapter 17. Hilde Linderman: ' No Ethics Without Feminism'
Chapter 18. Elizabeth S. Anderson: 'The New Leveller'
Chapter 19. Christine Korsgaard: 'Treating People As End In Themselves'
Chapter 20. Michael Lynch: 'Truth, Reason and Democracy'
Chapter 21. Timothy Williamson : 'Classical Investigations'
Chapter 22. Ernie Lapore: 'Meaning, Truth, Language, Reality'
Chapter 23. Jerry Fodor: 'Meaningful Words Without Sense, And Other Revolutions.'
Chapter 24. Huw Price: 'Without Mirrors'
Chapter 25. Gary Gutting: 'What Philosophers Know'


Richard Marshall has worked full time since 1983 in Secondary school state education in the UK. He has been a Head of English, a Head teacher, an educational consultant working on the Building Schools for the Future initiative and other projects. He has been a contributing editor for 3ammagazine since 2001.