Motivational Interviewing: A Guide for Medical Trainees

ISBN : 9780199958184

Antoine Douaihy; Thomas M. Kelly; Melanie A Gold
280 ページ
158 x 234 mm

This may be the single most important book you ever buy during your medical training. Rotations come and go, exams come and go, but regardless of specialty, patient-care will be at the heart of your practice. It is no exaggeration to say that motivational interviewing (MI) has transformed the way doctors engage with patients, families, and colleagues alike. MI is among the most powerful tools available to promote behavior change in patients. In an age of chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity), behavior change is no longer limited to substance use or the field of psychiatry - maladaptive choices and behaviors that negatively impact health outcomes are rampant. There is an explosion of research projects using MI or adaptations of MI in the behavioral health medicine field in the past decade. Hospitalizations can't make people change. How marvelous is it that an evidence-based health behavior change approach (MI) can help people change the outcomes of their illnesses and the course of their lives. This therapeutic approach is not a form of psychotherapy and is not the stuff of cobwebs and old leather couches. MI is readily integrated into regular ward rounds and office visits and provides an effective and efficient approach to patients clinical encounters. Written by experts in the field and medical trainees across medicine, this is the first MI guide of its kind. It explores how MI enhances contact with patients from every level of training, following an accessible, succinct approach. This book covers the application of MI method and skills into practice and also includes numerous clinical scenarios, personal reflections and online animated clinical vignettes (video clips) that share the challenges and successes the authors have focused. Furthermore this book is endorsed by the pioneers of MI: William R. Miller & Stephen Rollnick.


Chapter 1 Why Include Motivational Interviewing In Medical Training?
Chapter 2 Motivational Interviewing: An Overview
Chapter 3 Spirit And Processes Of Motivational Interviewing
Chapter 4 Building A Toolbox
Chapter 5 Motivational Interviewing In Practice
Chapter 6 Ambivalence And Discord
Chapter 7 Moving Ahead: From Sustain Talk To Change Talk & Evoking To Planning
Chapter 8 Motivational Interviewing In Challenging Encounters
Chapter 9 Brief Interventions
Chapter 10 Motivational Interviewing In Primary Care
Chapter 11 Pediatric Populations
Chapter 12 Motivational Interviewing In Family Settings
Chapter 13 Special Populations And Settings
Chapter 14 Intergrating Motivational Interviewing using Electronic Medical Records
Chapter 15 Learning and Experiencing Motivational Interviewing


Antoine Douaihy, MD, is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine. He is the Medical Director of Addiction Medicine Services, Associate Residency Training Director, and Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. Throughout his career, he has developed and expanded his involvement in training and mentoring medical trainees in Motivational Interviewing and substance use disorders. His research and publications focus on substance use disorders, Motivational Interviewing, and HIV/AIDS.; Thomas M. Kelly, PhD, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, Adolescent Substance Abuse Program, Addiction Medicine Services, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.; Melanie A. Gold, Division of Adolescent Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh Staff Physician, University of Pittsburgh Student Health Services, Wellness Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.