Adolescent Sexual Behavior in the Digital Age: Considerations for Clinicians, Legal Professionals and Educators

ISBN : 9780199945597

Fabian M. Saleh; Albert J. Grudzinskas; Abigail Judge
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163 x 236 mm

The nexus between the digital revolution and adolescent sexual behavior has posed significant challenges to mental health practitioners, attorneys, and educators. These digital technologies may facilitate dangerous behaviors and serious consequences for some youth. Adolescent Sexual Development in the Digital Age considers adolescent sexual behavior in both clinical and legal contexts and provides a basis for clinicians, legal professionals, educators, policy makers, parents and the general public to understand the impact that technology has on human growth and development. The book's contributing authors are leading authorities in adolescent development, law, and ethics, fostering an interdisciplinary dialogue within the text. New technology poses many opportunities for both normal and risky sexual behavior in youth; including "sexting," social networking, cyber-sexual harassment, commercial exploitation of children, and child pornography. Beyond just cataloging the various technologies impacting sexual behavior, this volume offers guidance and strategies for addressing the issues created by the digital age.


Table of Contents
Preface (Abigail M. Judge, Ph.D., Albert J. Grudzinskas, Jr., J.D., & Fabian M. Saleh, M.D.)
Part I
1. New Technology Meets Old Law (Albert J. Grudzinskas, Jr., J.D., Richard Cody, J.D., Sara J. Brady, MD & Fabian M. Saleh, MD)
2. Understanding the World of Digital Youth (Andrew J. Harris, Ph.D.)
3. Sexual Development and Behavior in Children and Adolescents (H. Martin Malin & Fabian M. Saleh, MD)
4. The Internet and adolescent sexual behavior: A developmental perspective (David Smahel, Ph.D., & Kaveri Subrayanman, Ph.D.)
Part II
5. Youth-produced sexual images, " and the cell phone (Clay Calvert, JD,
6. Chat rooms and Social Networking Sites (Charles L. Scott, MD)
7. Cyber-sexual Harassment & Suicide (Fabian M. Saleh, MD, Barry Feldman, Ph.D., Albert J. Grudzinskas, Jr., JD,& Simha Ravven, M.D.)
8. Juveniles, the Internet and Sexual Offending (Cyril Boonmann, MSc.., Albert Grudzinskas, Jr. , JD, & Marcel Aebi, Ph.D.)
9. From the streets to cyberspace: The effects of technology on the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the United States (Abigail M. Judge, Ph.D. & Mary Graw Leary, JD)
10. Legal and clinical issues in interpreting child pornography on the Internet
(Lisa Murphy, M.C.A., M. Crim, B.S.S. & J. Paul Fedoroff, MD)
Part III
11. Parenting through the digital revolution (Andrew B. Clark, MD)
12. Teens, Sex, and Technology: Implications for educational systems and practice (Andrew J. Harris, Ph.D & Judith Davidson, Ph.D)
13. Problematic Internet Behaviors: Diagnostic and Treatment Implications for Clinicians
(Liwei L. Hua, MD, PhD, Scott Yapo, BS, Amy Yule, MD, & Tristan Gorrindo, MD)
14. Ethical and Legal Considerations for Psychiatry Regarding Adolescents and Technology Use (Daniel Bonnici, M.D., Ariel Seroussi, M.D., Gregory B Leong, M.D., & Robert Weinstock, M.D.)
15. Conclusion: Understanding Adolescent Sexual Development & the Law in the Digital Era (Christopher W. Racine, MD, MPH, & Stephen B. Billick, MD)


Dr. Fabian M. Saleh is a medical doctor who specializes in forensic and child & adolescent psychiatry. He is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is the director of the Sexual Violence Prevention & Risk Management Program (SVP&RMP) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. His forensic practice focuses on criminal and civil cases, including but not limited to, civil commitment, sexual dangerousness, and risk assessment and risk management.