Music of the Baroque: An Anthology of Scores (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780199942022

David Schulenberg
320 ページ
223 x 277 mm

This anthology is a study of European music spanning from the late sixteenth through the mid-eighteenth centuries. The volume can be used to accompany Music of the Baroque, or independently as a collection of study scores. Works by Lalande, Gaultier, Frescobaldi, Froberger, Rossi, Castello, Biber, Legrenzi, Torelli, Bach, La Guerre, Couperin, and Marini are included in this edition. Women composers and a number of "noncanonical" selections are presented within the anthology. The verbal texts of each vocal work along with translations when necessary are provided for the scores. Excerpts of coherent portions of works are given within the anthology, and the text volume presents a few briefer extracts in the form of musical examples. Pre- and post-Baroque selections provide transitions to music from other historical periods which illustrate the opening and closing chapters of the text volume. New pieces by Cavalli, Charpentier, La Guerre, Rameau, Scarlatti, and Carissimi are added to this edition. This is an anthology that contains a broad variety of compositions in an affordable format.


1 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina: Dum complerentur (motet)
2 Orlande de Lassus: Timor et tremor (motet)
3 Claudio Monteverdi: Luci serene (madrigal)
4 Giulio Caccini: Sfogava con le stelle (continuo madrigal)
5 Claudio Monteverdi: Orfeo, Act 2 (opera: selections)
a. Sinfonia and two arias: " and "
b. " through chorus, "
6 Pier Francesco Cavalli: Calisto (opera: selections)
a. Act 1, scenes 4DS5 (")
b. Act 1, scene 11 (")
7 Barbara Strozzi: Ardo in tacito foco (cantata or strophic aria)
8 Alessandro Scarlatti: Correa nel seno amato (cantata: selections)
a. Sinfonia
b. Aria "
c. Recitative " and aria "
9 Henry Purcell: From Rosy Bowers (cantata)
10 Jean-Baptiste Lully: Armide (opera: selections)
a. Overture
b. Act 2, scene 5 (recitative " and air ")
11 Giovanni Gabrieli: In ecclesiis (concertato motet)
12 Heinrich Schutz: Saul, Saul, was verfolgst du mich?, SWV 415 (concertato motet)
13 Giacomo Carissimi: Jephte (oratorio: selections)
a. "
b. "
c. "
14 Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Frigidae noctis umbra H. 414 (oratorio: first half)
15 George Frideric Handel: Orlando (opera: selections)
a. Act 1, scene 8 (recitative and aria ")
b. Act 1, scene 9 (recitative and aria ")
c. Act 1, scene 10 (recitative and aria ")
16 Jean-Philippe Rameau: Les indes galantes (opera-ballet: selections)
a. Nouvelle (quatrieme) entree, scene 3 (beginning)
b. Nouvelle (quatrieme) entree, from scene 6
17 Johann Sebastian Bach: Herr Jesu Christ, wahr'r Mensch und Gott, BWV 127 (sacred cantata)
18 George Frideric Handel: Jephtha (English oratorio: selections)
a. From Part 2, scene 3 (recitative and aria ")
b. From Part 2, scene 4 (chorus ")
19 Ennemond Gaultier, Pieces for Lute
a. Courante "
b. Allemande (Tombeau de Mesangeau)
c. Gigue "
20 Girolamo Frescobaldi, Toccata 7 from Libro II
21 Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre, Suite 3 in A minor (selections)
a. Prelude
b. Allemande
c. [1ere] Courante
d. Sarabande
e. Gigue
22 Dieterich Buxtehude: Praeludium in A minor, BuxWV 153
23 Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude and Fugue in G, BWV 860, from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Part 1
24 Jean Henry d'Anglebert, Francois Couperin, and Jean-Philippe Rameau: Extracts from ornament tables
25 Francois Couperin: Vingt-unieme ordre (keyboard suite: selections)
a. La reine des coeurs
b. La Couperin
26 Salamone Rossi: Sonata sopra La Bergamasca
27 Biagio Marini: Sonata variata for violin and continuo
28 Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Sonata 5 in E minor for violin and continuo (1681)
29 Arcangelo Corelli: Sonata in C for violin and continuo, op. 5, no. 3
30 Giuseppe Torelli: Sinfonia in D for trumpet, strings, and continuo, G. 8
31 Arcangelo Corelli: Concerto grosso in G minor, op. 6, no. 8, "
32 Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in E for violin, strings, and continuo, op. 3, no. 12 (R. 265)
33 Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concerto no. 2 in F, BWV 1047


Schulenberg (Ph.D. in musicology, 1982, SUNY Stonybrook; MA in performance practice, 1977, Stanford) is Department Chair and Professor of Music at Wagner College. He is the author of The Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach (Schirmer, 1992) and C.P.E. Bach: Keyboard Sonatas, 1744-1747, and numerous articles.