Discourses of War and Peace

ISBN : 9780199937271

Adam Hodges
304 ページ
168 x 240 mm
Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics

Discourses of War and Peace examines specific contexts around the globe in which discourse operates in the service of war and to build alternative visions of peace. Contributors, who come from backgrounds in linguistics, anthropology, rhetoric, and communication studies, draw from discourse analytic and/or ethnographic methods to examine the discourse used by politicians and social actors in societies that include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Ireland, the Palestinian territories, and Japan. The book is divided into four sections that foreground the political effects of discourse on issues of war and peace, including the way discourse is harnessed to justify war (part I), negotiate military deployment (part II), respond to armed conflict (part III), and promote peace (part IV). The book has a strong enthnographic component; in addition to chapters that employ critical discourse analysis and narrative analysis, several chapters incorporate ethnographic analysis into the examination of language use. The book as a whole therefore provides complementary perspectives on discourses of war and peace.


1. War, Discourse, and Peace
Adam Hodges
Part I. Justifying War
2. 'New World Coming': Narratives of the Future in U.S. Post-Cold War National Security Discourse
Patricia Dunmire
3. The Generic U.S. Presidential War Narrative: Justifying Military Force and Imagining the Nation
Adam Hodges
4. The Discursive Battlefield of the "War on Terror": Enabling Strategies for Garnering Public Support in the Rhetoric of George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden
Anna Podvornaia
5. World of the Impolitic: A Critical Study of the British WMD Dossier
Aditi Bhatia
Part II. Negotiating Military Deployment
6. Culture Clash: Framing Peacekeeping and its Role in a Canadian Context
Janis Goldie
7. Promising without Speaking: Military Realignment and Political Promising in Japan
Chad Nilep
Part III. Responding to Armed Conflict
8. "Everyone Has Their Particular Part to Play": Commensuration in the Northern Irish and Palestinian Victims' Rights Movements
Candler Hallman
9. Reasonable Affects: Moroccan Family Responses to Mediated Violence
Becky Schulthies
Part IV. Promoting Peace
10. Performing Peace: The Framing of Silence in a Quaker Vigil
Anna Marie Trester
11. Narrating War and Peace at Battle Ruins: Okinawan Tourism-Activism Discourses
Taku Suzuki


Adam Hodges is an A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at Carnegie Mellon University. He is author of The 'War on Terror' Narrative: Discourse and Intertextuality in the Construction and Contestation of Sociopolitical Reality (2011), co-editor with Chad Nilep of Discourse, War and Terrorism (2007), and author of several scholarly articles and book chapters that examine American political discourse.