A Guide to Composition Pedagogies (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199922161

Gary Tate; Brooke Hessler; Amy Rupiper-Taggart; Kurt Schick
352 ページ
157 x 234 mm

A Guide to Composition Pedagogies is the essential bibliographic guide written for newcomers to the field. Since our field has evolved quite a lot over the last decade, this long-awaited second edition contains many important changes, additions, and updates. At the same time, the practical organization and educational intent of the book have remained the same: The pedagogies themselves are categories commonly recognized in the disciplinary scholarship, and as with the first edition, each essay introduces the most important work in the field on the pedagogy, while attempting to offer readers a sense of the spirit of the approach, often through personal teaching narratives. t In short, this best-selling bibliographic guide familiarizes writing instructors with the current topography of Composition Studies and directs them to the best books and articles for further exploration. For this second edition, each author discusses some of the implications of technology for each pedagogy. In addition, the essays now focus more on practice and slightly less on theory.


A Guide to Composition Pedagogies, 2nd edition
Table of Contents
What Is Composition Pedagogy? An Introduction - Amy Rupiper Taggart, H. Brooke Hessler, Kurt Schick
Basic Writing - Deborah Mutnick & Steve Lamos
Collaborative Writing - Rebecca Moore Howard & Krista Kennedy
Community-Engaged - Laura Julier, Kathleen Livingston, & Eli Goldblatt
Critical - Ann George
Cultural Studies - Diana George, John Trimbur & Tim Lockridge
Expressive - Chris Burnham & Rebecca Powell
Feminist - Laura Micciche
Genre - Amy Devitt
Literature & Writing - Christine Farris
New Media - Collin Brooke
Online & Hybrid - Beth Hewett
Process - Chris Anson
Researched Writing - Rebecca Moore Howard & Sandra Jamieson
Rhetoric & Argumentation - David Fleming
Second Language Writing - Paul Kei Matsuda & Matthew Hammill
Writing Across the Curriculum - Chris Thaiss & Susan McLeod
Writing Center - Neal Lerner
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Gary Tate is Cecil and Ida Green Distinguished Emeritus Tutor at Texas Christian University, where he has taught since 1971. He is coeditor, with Edward Corbett and Nancy Meyers, of The Writing Teacher's Sourcebook 4e (OUP, 1999). He is well-known in the field for his work into composition pedagogies and working-class literature. ; Amy Rupiper-Taggart is Associate Professor of English and Director of First-Year Writing at North Dakota State University. Her research focuses on issues in composition pedagogy, including community engagement practices, and student and teacher reflection. She recently co-authored the research-writing textbook Research Matters with Rebecca Moore Howard. An article written with Hessler on formative assessment and student reflection recently appeared in the International Journal for the Scholarship ofTeaching and Learning; an article written with Margaret Lowry on teacher preparation appeared in WPA: Writing Program Administration.; Kurt Schick is Director of the Learning Centers and Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication at James Madison University, where he teaches courses in writing and consults with faculty who write or teach writing.; H. Brooke Hessler is Professor of English and Eleanor Lou Carrithers Chair of Writing at Oklahoma City University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in composition, visual rhetoric, and digital textuality. Her scholarship on composition pedagogy has appeared in a variety of edited collections and most recently (with Rupiper Taggart) in the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. In 2010 she was inducted into the DaVinci Institute for creativity and innovation in higher education. Her research centers on composition pedagogy and rhetorical ingenuity.