Spirit and Power: The Growth and Global Impact of Pentecostalism

ISBN : 9780199920594

Donald E. Miller; Kimon Howland Sargeant; Richard W. Flory
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Pentecostalism is the fastest growing religious movement in the world, currently estimated to have at least 500 million adherents. In the movement's early years, most Pentecostal converts lived in relative poverty, leading many scholars to regard the new religion as a form of spiritual compensation. Yet the rapidly shifting social ecology of Pentecostal Christians includes many middle-class individuals, as well as an increasing number of young adults attracted by the music and vibrant worship of these churches. The stereotypical view of Pentecostals as "other-worldly" and disengaged from politics and social ministry is also being challenged, especially as Pentecostals-including many who are committed to working for social and political change-constitute growing minorities in many countries. Spirit and Power addresses three main questions: Where is Pentecostalism growing globally? Why it is growing? What is its social and political impact? The contributors include theologians, historians, and social scientists, bringing diverse disciplinary perspectives to these empirical questions. The essays draw on extensive survey research as well as in-depth ethnographic field methods, with analyses offering diverging and sometimes competing explanations for the growth and impact of Pentecostalism around the world. This volume puts Pentecostalism into a global context that examines not only theology and religious structures, but the social, cultural, and economic settings in which it is, or is not, growing, as well as the social and political development of Pentecostal groups in different societies around the world.


Introduction: Pentecostalism as a Global Phenomenon
Donald E. Miller
SECTION 1. Pentecostal Origins: From Azusa Street to Global Networks
Chapter 1: The Emergence of a Multidimensional Global Missionary Movement: Trends, Patterns, and Expressions
Allan Anderson
Chapter 2: Launching a Global Movement: The Role of the Azusa Street in Pentecostalism's Growth and Expansion
Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.
SECTION 2. Why is Pentecostalism Growing?
Chapter 3: Spirited Competition: Pentecostal Success in Latin America's New Religious Marketplace
R. Andrew Chesnut
Chapter 4: The Growth and Development of Non-Catholic Churches in Paraguay
Henri Gooren
SECTION 3. Pentecostalism and Politics
Chapter 5: Pentecostalism and Politics in Latin America: Compromise or Prophetic Witness?
Paul Freston
Chapter 6: Pentecostalism and Democracy: Is There a Relationship?
Robert Woodberry
SECTION 4. Pentecostalism and Social Engagement
Chapter 7: Pentecostals and the New World Order in El Salvador: Separating, Consuming, and Engaging
Timothy Wadkins
Chapter 8: The Metamorphosis of Nigerian Pentecostalism: From Signs and Wonders to Service and Influence in Society
Danny McCain
SECTION 5. Transnational Pentecostalism
Chapter 9: Reconfiguring the Global Religious Economy: The Role of African Pentecostalism
Afe Adogame
Chapter 10: Remittances and Mission: Transnational Latino Pentecostal Ministry in Los Angeles
Juan Martinez
SECTION 6. Gendered Pentecostalism
Chapter 11: Beautiful Feet: Women Leaders and the Shaping of Global Pentecostalism
Estrelda Alexander
Chapter 12: Constructing Gender within Global Pentecostalism: Contrasting Case Studies in Colombia and South Africa
Katherine L. Attanasi
SECTION 7. Spirit/Power
Chapter 13: Gifts of the Spirit: Reflections on Pentecostalism and Its Growth in Asia
William Kay
Chapter 14: Prophecy, Empowerment and Godly Love: The Spirit Factor in the Growth of Pentecostalism
Margaret Poloma and Matthew T. Lee
Conclusion: Pentecostalism in Global Perspective
Richard Flory and Kimon H. Sargeant
Appendix. By the Numbers: The Global Expansion of Pentecostalism
1. Global Pentecostal Demographics
Todd Johnson
2. Pentecostal Growth in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: Findings from a Ten Country Survey
John Green


DM: Professor of Religion and Director of the Center for Religion and Civic Culture, USC; KS: Vice-President for Human Sciences, John Templeton Foundation; RF: Director of Research, Center for Religion and Civic Culture and Associate Research Professor of Sociology, USC