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E. Douglas Bomberger
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Master Musicians Series

Edward MacDowell was born on the eve of the Civil War into a Quaker family in lower Manhattan, where music was a forbidden pleasure. With the help of Latin-American emigre teachers, he became a formidable pianist and composer, spending twelve years in France and Germany establishing his career. Upon his return to the United States in 1888 he conquered American audiences with his dramatic Second Piano Concerto and won his way into their hearts with his poetic Woodland Sketches. Columbia University tapped him as their first professor of music in 1896, but a scandalous row with powerful university president Nicholas Murray Butler spelled the end of his career. MacDowell died a broken man four years later, but his widow Marian kept his spirit alive through the MacDowell Colony, which she founded in 1907 in their New Hampshire home, and which is today the oldest and one of the most influential, thriving artist colonies in the the United States. Drawing on private letters that were sealed for fifty years after his death, this biography traces MacDowell's compelling life story, with new revelations about his Quaker childhood, his efforts to succeed in the insular German music world, his mysterious death, and his lifelong struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Edward MacDowell's story is a timeless tale of human strength and weakness set in one of the most vibrant periods of American musical history, when optimism about the country's artistic future made anything seem possible.


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Book One: The Education of Edward MacDowell
Chapter 1. Quaker Roots 1
Chapter 2. The Latin American Connection 17
Chapter 3. The Paris Conservatory 31
Chapter 4. A Fourth-Rate Conservatory and a First-Rate Mentor 53
Chapter 5. The Big Break 72
Chapter 6. Establishing a Career in Germany 94
Chapter 7. Married Life 121
Chapter 8. Templeton Strong, Loyal Friend 142
Book Two: Edward MacDowell in Boston
Chapter 9. The Prodigal Returns 165
Chapter 10. The Politics of Musical Boston 194
Chapter 11. MacDowell the Pianist 205
Chapter 12. The Darkest Winter 220
Chapter 13. European Aesthetics vs. American Opportunities 234
Chapter 14. A Cabin in the Woods 258
Book Three: Edward MacDowell in New York
Chapter 15. Columbia University, 1896-1901 268
Chapter 16. Outside the University 284
Chapter 17. The Price of Fame 297
Chapter 18. Columbia University, 1901-1904 309
Chapter 19. A Living Death 342
Chapter 20. MacDowell's Legacy 364
A. Calendar 376
B. List of Works 392
C. Personalia 405
D. Bibliography 427
Index 457


E. Douglas Bomberger is a pianist and musicologist specializing in American music of the nineteenth century. The author of three previous books and numerous articles, he also served as senior editor for nineteenth-century concert music for the New Grove Dictionary of American Music, second edition. He has taught at Goshen College, Ithaca College, the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, and Elizabethtown College, where he currently serves as chair of Fine and Performing Arts.