Risk Factors for Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke

ISBN : 9780199895847

Sudha Seshadri; Stiphanie Debette
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156 x 235 mm

Risk Factors for Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke address the relationship of a wide variety of vascular risk factors in the spectrum of cerebrovascular diseases. An international group of professionals the forefront of research and education, provide their expertise about environmental and genetic determinants for cerebrovascular disease and stroke. The authors aim to provide information on developments of genetic, environmental and lifestyle-related risk factors of various subtypes of stroke, and MRI-markers of cerebrovascular disease. One in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women after the age of 40, will develop a stroke in their lifetime. The burden of cerebrovascular disease extends far beyond that of acute clinical events such as stroke, with " vascular injury on brain MRI being highly prevalent in older community-dwelling persons. Therefore, improving our understanding of the risk factors for stroke and cerebrovascular disease is of paramount importance for improving prevention strategies. Secular trends in stroke epidemiology, risk factors, and intermediate markers (including carotid ultrasound, brain MRI and circulating biomarkers) are presented. Cutting edge information on genetic, environmental and lifestyle-related risk factors of various subtypes of stroke and MRI-markers of cerebrovascular diseases are displayed. This important book is an essential reference to physicians interested in more effective primary prevention of stroke.


I. Introduction
1. Epidemiology of stroke: incidence and prevalence, description of types and subtypes and their relative frequency, definition of risk factors
II. Genetic risk factors
2. Introduction to Genetic risk factors for cerebrovascular disease
3. Monogenic forms of stroke and cerebrovascular disease
4. Heritability of stroke
5. Genetic determinants of ischemic stroke discovered through GWAS
6. Genetic risk factors of intracerebral haemorrhage
7. Relevance in stroke of genes associated with cardiovascular disease and risk factors\
8. Genetics of Stroke associated with cervical artery dissections
9. Genetics of cerebral venous thrombosis
10. Genetic risk factors for brain MRI markers of cerebrovascular disease
III. Environmental risk factors
11. Overview of Environmental Risk Factors for Stroke
12. Hypertension: the major risk factor for stroke
13. Dyslipidemia and Risk of Stroke
14. Metabolic risk factors: DM, obesity, metabolic syndrome
15. Lifestyle factors and Risk of Stroke: smoking, alcohol, diet, physical activity, sleep
16. Risk factors specific to young adults
17. Sex-Specific Risk factors for Stroke in Women
18. Migraine and Risk of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
19. Ethnic, Racial and Geographic Variations in Stroke Risk and Risk Factors
IV. Integrative approach
20. Intermediate markers: Carotid Atherosclerosis
21. MRI-based Markers of Cerebrovascular Disease and the Risk of Stroke
22. Circulating Biomarkers for Stroke
23. Secular trends in Stroke Risk and Risk factors for Stroke


Sudha Seshadri, MD Department of Neurology Boston University School of Medicine Investigator, The Framingham Heart Study Boston, MA; Stephanie Debette, MD, PhD Department of Neurology and Epidemiology Paris Diderot University Paris, France