Handbook of Neurological Therapy

ISBN : 9780199862924

Carlo Colosimo; Antonio Gil-Nagel; Nils Erik Gilhus; Alan M. Rapoport; Olajide Williams
480 ページ
234 x 155 mm

This is a practical book on neurological therapy. It is aimed at giving concise and updated answers to busy practicing clinicians in the clinic, ward or emergency department. An evidence-based approach is used, but when there is no evidence or the data are inconclusive, an expert opinion is always being given in order to meet the expectations of the reader. All neurological conditions (common and less common) are discussed; each chapter has a similar format, and contains an initial brief introduction on the epidemiology and clinical features of each disease. The therapy is then discussed, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological, with wide use of Tables & Figures (flowcharts are also included in most of the chapters).


Section I - Headache and facial Pain
Inna Keselman, Alan Rapoport
Chapter 2: Secondary Headaches
Inna Keselman, Alan Rapoport
Chapter 3: Facial Pain
Inna Keselman, Alan Rapoport
Chapter 4: Childhood and Adolescent Headaches
Inna Keselman, Alan Rapoport
Section II - Cerebrovascular Disorders
Chapter 5: Transient Ischemic Attacks
Comana Cioroiu, Olajide Williams
Chapter 6: Acute Ischemic Stroke
Joshua Z Willey
Chapter 7: Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Aaron Sylvan Lord, Olajide Williams
Chapter 8: Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Sachin Agarwal, Neha Dangayach
Chapter 9: Subdural and Epidural Hemorrhage
Christopher P. Kellner, Brendan Scully, E. Sander Connolly, Jr
10. Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
Marco A. Gonzalez Castellon
Section III - Epilepsy and Syncope
Chapter 11: Seizures and Epilepsy in Adults and Children Rafael Toledano, Antonio Gil-Nagel
Chapter 12 : Syncope
Luisa Sambati and Pietro Cortelli
Section IV - Sleep Disorders
Chapter 13: Insomnia
Juan A. Pareja and Teresa Montojo
Chapter 14: Parasomnias
Juan A. Pareja
Chapter 15: Sleep-Related Movement Disorders
Juan A. Pareja
Chapter 16: Hypersomnia
Juan A. Pareja
Section V - Neuromuscular Diseases
Chapter 17: Motor Neuron Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
Ole-Bjorn Tysnes
Chapter 18: Acute and Chronic Neuropathies
Christian Vedeler
Chapter 19: Neuromuscular Junction Disorders
Nils Erik Gilhus
Chapter 20: Myopathies
Laurence Bindoff
Section VI - Toxic and Metabolic Neurological Disorders
Chapter 21: Toxic and Iatrogenic Neurological Disorders
Christina Ulane, Olajide Williams
Chapter 22: Metabolic Neurological Disorders
Christina Ulane, Olajide Williams
Section VII - Infections of the Central Nervous System
Chapter 23: Bacterial Meningitis
Miguel Valdes-Sueiras and Elyse J. Singer
Chapter 24: Viral and Fungal Meningitis
Miguel Valdes-Sueiras and Elyse J. Singer
Chapter 25: Infectious Encephalitis and Myelitis
Miguel Valdes-Sueiras and Elyse J. Singer
Section VIII - Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders
Chapter 26: Multiple Sclerosis
Kjell-Morten Myhr
Chapter 27: Neuromyelitis Optica
Kjell-Morten Myhr
Section IX - Movement Disorders and Dementia
Chapter 28: Parkinson's Disease
Carlo Colosimo, Luca Marsili
Chapter 29: Atypical and Secondary Parkinsonism
Luca Marsili, Carlo Colosimo
Chapter 30: Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders
(Carlo Colosimo, MC Martinez-Torrens, Luc Marsili)
Chapter 31:Cerebellar Ataxia
Luca Marsili, Carlo Colosimo
Chapter 32: Dementia
Alessandro Padovani and Barbara Borroni
Section X - Central Nervous System Tumors
Chapter 33: Low-Grade Gliomas
Paola Gaviani, Andra Salmaggi, and Antonio Silvani
Chapter 34: High-Grade Gliomas
Andrea Salmaggi, Anna Fiumani, and Antonio Silvani
Chapter 35: Gliomatosis Cerebri
Paola Gaviani, Andrea Salmaggi, and Antonio Silvani
Chapter 36: Pituitary Adenomas
Andrea Saladino
Chapter 37: Germ Cell Tumors
Antonio Silvani, Andrea Salmaggi, Paola Gaviani
Chapter 38: Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma
Antonio Silvani, Paola Gaviani, Andrea Salmaggi
Chapter 39: Brain Tumors in Childhood
Veronica Biassoni, Cecilia Casali, Elisabetta Schiavello, Francesco DiMeco, and Maura Massimino
Chapter 40: Metastatic Brain Disease
Anna Fiumani and Andrea Salmaggi


Dipartimento di Scienze Neurologiche Universita La Sapienza Italy