The Transportation Experience: Policy, Planning, and Deployment (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199862719

William L. Garrison; David M. Levinson
632 ページ
167 x 238 mm

While much of the transportation systems in Europe and the United States are mature (if not senescent), the rest of the world is still planning, developing, and deploying new systems. The accomplishments and mistakes of places like the United Kingdom and the United States, then, can teach us lessons that may be applied to places where transportation remains nascent or adolescent. The Transportation Experience seeks to understand the genesis of transportation policy in America and the UK, along with the roles that this policy plays as systems are innovated, deployed, and reach maturity, and how policies might be improved. The second edition updates all data that appeared in the first edition (published in 2005), and features significant revision of approximately half of the book. The book has been reorganized for improved presentation, and smoothly integrates all new material. This second edition also includes two new chapters on safety and security in transportation systems and user interface.


I Wave One
1 Steamboat
2 Birth of the Railway
3 Turnpikes
II Phase 1 of the Lifecycle
4 Inventing and Innovating
III Wave Two
5 Maritime
6 Railroads Deployed
7 Good Roads
8 Transit
9 Telegraph
IV Phase 2 of the Lifecycle
10 Magic Bullet
V Wave Three:
11 American Shipping
12 Taking Flight
13 Railroads Regulated
14 Bustitution
15 Public Roads
16 Urban Planning: Who Controls The Turf?
17 Telephone
VI Phase 3 of the Lifecycle
18 Aging
VII Wave Four: 1939
19 Logistics
20 The Jet Age
21 Railroads Rationalized
22 Interstate
23 Recapitalization
24 Lord Kelvin's Curse
VIII Lifecycle Dynamics
25 Lifecycle
26 Meta-cycles
27 Energy and Environment
28 Higher-speed rail
29 Internet
30 Technology: Hard and Soft
X Beyond the Lifecycle
31 Policy
32 Speculations
XI After words: Reections on Transportation Ex-
33 I-35 W
34 Design of a Life
35 Commencement
XII End Matter
36 Institutions
37 Endnotes


William Garrison is Emeritus Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. David Levinson is Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota.