The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research in American Music Education

ISBN : 9780199844272

Colleen M. Conway
696 ページ
181 x 255 mm
Oxford Handbooks in Music

While qualitative research has become increasingly popular in music education over the last decade, there is no source that explains the terms, approaches and issues associated with this method. In The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research in American Music Education, editor Colleen Conway and the contributing music educators will provide that clarification, as well as models of qualitative studies within various music education disciplines. The handbook outlines the history of qualitative research in music education and explores the contemporary use of qualitative approaches in examining issues related to music teaching and learning. It includes 32 chapters and is divided into five parts. Part I defines qualitative research and examines historical, philosophical and ethical issues associated with its use in music education. Part II discusses ways of approaching qualitative research including: case study, ethnography, phenomenology, narrative inquiry, practitioner inquiry, and mixed methods. Ways of collecting and analyzing data are examined in the third part of the text (observations, interviews, document analysis, music as data and technology). Part IV examines various music teaching and learning contexts that have been studied using qualitative approaches including: early childhood, general, instrumental-band, instrumental-string, choral, preservice and inservice teacher education, adult and community settings, student with exceptionalities, underserved populations, and world music. The final section of the book tackles permission to conduct research, teacher qualitative research, publishing qualitative research and direction for the future. An ambitious and much-needed volume, this handbook will stand as a key resource for drawing meaning from the experiences of students and teachers in music classrooms and communities.


1 - Introduction. Colleen Conway
Part One: Defining Qualitative Research in American Music Education
2- Qualitative Research in Music Education: Concepts, Goals, and Characteristics. Koji Matsunobu and Liora Bresler
3 - History of Qualitative Research American Music Education. Colleen Conway and Chad West
4 - Epistemology and Qualitative Research in Music Education. Randall Allsup
5 - Theoretical Frameworks in Music Education Qualitative Research. John Scheib
6 - Changing the Conversation: Considering Quality in Music Education Qualitative Research. Mitchell Robinson
Part Two: Variety in Qualitative Approaches in Music Education
7 - Case Study Research in Music Education. Janet Barrett
8 - Ethnographic Research in Music Education. Patti Krueger
9 - Phenomenological Research in Music Education. Ryan Hourigan and Scott Edgar
10 - Narrative Inquiry in Music Education. Sandra Stauffer
11 - Practitioner Inquiry in Music Education. Janet Robbins
12 - Use of Qualitative Research Within Mixed Methods Designs. Kate Fitzpatrick
Part Three: Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis in Music Education
13 - Collecting and Analyzing Observation of Music Teaching and Learning Data. Margaret Schmidt
14 - Conducting and Analyzing Individual Interviews. Kathryn Roulston
15 - Conducting and Analyzing Focus Group Interview Data. John Eros
16 - Collecting, Generating, and Analyzing Multimodal and Multimedia Data: From Journals to Video Recordings. Evan Tobias
17 - Uses of Technology in Music Education Qualitative Research. Peter Webster
18 - Music-Making as Data: Collection and Analysis. Kristen Pellegrino
Part Four: Qualitative Research Within Selected Areas of Music Education
19 - Early Childhood Music Education. Alison Reynolds
20 - General Music. Ann Marie Stanley
21- Instrumental Music. Chad West
22 - Instrumental Music. Margaret Berg
23 - Choral Music. Bridget Sweet
24 - Critical Analysis of Qualitative Research on Learning to Teach Music In Preservice Music Teacher Education. Mark Campbell and Linda Thompson
25 - Music Teacher Professional Development. Colleen Conway and Scott Edgar
26 - Adult and Community Music Education. Nathan Kruse and Erin Hansen
27 - Qualitative Research Examining Students with Exceptionalities in Music Education. Ryan Hourigan
28 - Qualitative Research to Examine Underserved Populations. Bruce Carter
29 - World Music in the Music Education Classroom. Yiannis Miralis
Part Five: Ethics, Publishing and the Future of Qualitative Research in Music Education
30 - Ethics and Qualitative Research in Music Education. Judy Birk and Cynthia Shindledecker
31 - The Politics of Publication: Voices, Venues and Ethics. Mitchell Robinson
32 - Qualitative Research Experientially and Aesthetically. Liora Bresler
33 - Future Possibilities for Qualitative Research in Music Education. Janet Barrett


Colleen M. Conway has published over 80 articles in all of the major music education journals. She is currently Editor-in-Chief of Arts Education Policy Review. Books in print include: Great Beginnings for Music Teachers (2003); Handbook for the Beginning Music Teacher (2006); Teaching Music in Higher Education (2009); Handbook for the Music Mentor (2010); Curriculum and Assessment in Music Education (in press).