Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle: Language of Civil Resistance in Conflicts

ISBN : 9780199829880

Gene Sharp
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From the 494 B.C. plebeians' march out of Rome to gain improved status, to Gandhi's nonviolent campaigns in India, to the liberation of Poland and the Baltic nations, and the revolutions in North Africa, nonviolent struggles have played pivotal roles in world events for centuries. Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle is a groundbreaking reference work on this topic by the "godfather of nonviolent resistance." In nearly 1,000 entries, the Dictionary defines those ideologies, political systems, strategies, methods, and concepts that form the core of nonviolent action as it has occurred throughout history and across the globe, providing much-needed clarification of language that is often mired in confusion. Entries discuss everything from militarization to censorship, guerrilla theater, pacifism, secret agents, and protest songs. In addition, the dictionary features a foreword by Sir Adam Roberts, President of the British Academy; an introduction by Gene Sharp; an essay on power and realism; case studies of conflicts in Serbia and Tunisia; and a guide for further reading. Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle is an invaluable resource for activists, educators and anyone else curious about nonviolent alternatives to both passivity and violent conflict. "Gene Sharp is perhaps the most influential proponent of nonviolent action alive."-The Progressive "Sharp has had broad influence on international events over the past two decades, helping to advance a global democratic awakening."-The Wall Street Journal "[Sharp's] work has served as the template for taking on authoritarian regimes from Burma to Belgrade."-The Christian Science Monitor


Foreword by Sir Adam Roberts
Author's Preface
An Essay on Power and Realism
Case Study: Serbia, by Joshua Paulson
Case Study: Tunisia, by Jamila Raqib
The Dictionary of Power and Struggle
Appendix One: List of entries
Appendix Two: 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action
Appendix Three : For further reading on nonviolent action
The Albert Einstein Institute Mission Statement
About the author


Gene Sharp is the founder of the Albert Einstein Institution and Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He is the author of more than a dozen books that have been translated into over 60 languages. His works include Gandhi as a Political Strategist, Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential and Nonviolent Action: A Research Guide. Sharp's writings have had a direct effect on nonviolent resistance tactics around the globe, from Iran to Venezuela to Russia.