Teaching the Tradition: Catholic Themes in Academic Disciplines

ISBN : 9780199795314

John J. Piderit; Melanie M. Morey
504 ページ
161 x 236 mm

The Catholic intellectual tradition is broad, and covers a wide array of academic disciplines. From the origin of universities and through their first six hundred years of existence, philosophy and theology were the central disciplines. However, with the establishment of chairs in mathematics and others in chemistry at German universities in the nineteenth century, new academic disciplines started to be acknowledged and, in the following two hundred years, the modern array of academic departments gradually emerged. Many of the topics covered in these emerging disciplines, however, had earlier been addressed in theology or philosophy, and it is from here that the Catholic intellectual tradition made important contributions and distinctions in many of the most popular undergraduate academic departments. Structured around two lead essays on Catholic anthropology and Catholic theology, this volume focuses on important religious themes and how they appear in various academic disciplines. John Piderit, Melanie Morey, and their contributors take a disciplinary approach to the Catholic intellectual tradition. Each chapter focuses on one academic discipline or major that is taught at the undergraduate level in most colleges or universities; the book is primarily intended for Catholic institutions who teach undergraduates and have an interest in showing students how various topics in their disciplines are related to Christian belief and the Catholic tradition in particular.


Introduction, The Editors
Part I Foundations
Chapter 1: Fundamental Catholic Theology
David Gentry-Akin
Chapter 2: Catholic Anthropology
Rev. Thomas P. Rausch, S.J.
Chapter 3: Perspectives in Catholic Theology
Lawrence Cunningham
Chapter 4: Perspectives in Catholic Philosophy I
Rev. Brian Shanley, O.P.
Chapter 5: Perspectives in Catholic Philosophy II
Rev. David B. Burrell, C.S.C
Part II The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Humanities
Chapter 6: Poetry and Catholic Themes
Angela Alaimo O'Donnell
Chapter 7: Drama and Catholic Themes
Ed Block, Jr.
Chapter 8: Fiction and Catholic Themes
Paul Contino
Chapter 9: Part I - Christian Literature in a Secular University
Robert Kiely
Part II - The View From a Church-Related University
Paul J. Contino
Chapter 10: Political Theory and Catholic Themes
Jeanne Heffernan Schindler
Chapter 11: History in a Catholic Perspective
Glenn Olsen
Chapter 12: Mathematics, Reality, and God
Rev. Paul Schweitzer, S.J.
Chapter 13: Catholic Themes in Art and Music
Charles Scribner III
Part III Religious Themes Related to the Sciences
Chapter 14: Psychology's in a Catholic Perspective
Jeffrey Adams
Chapter 15: Evolutionary Biology in a Catholic Framework
Oliver Putz
Chapter 16: Environmental Studies in a Catholic Framework
Elaine Grose
Chapter 17: Physics and Astronomy in a Catholic Framework
Rev. William Stoeger, S.J.
Part IV The Good Life in the Professions
Chapter 18: Economics and Business in a Catholic Perspective
Rev. John Piderit, S.J
Chapter 19: Education in a Catholic Framework
Melanie M. Morey
Chapter 20: Medicine, Health, and Catholic Themes
Rev. Myles Sheehan, S.J., M.D.
Chapter 21: Law in a Catholic Framework
Patrick McKinley Brennan


M.M.M.: Senior Director for Research and Consulting, Catholic Education Institute; J.J.P; President, Catholic Education Institute and former President of Loyala University Chicago