Mind and the Frontal Lobes: Cognition, Behavior, and Brain Imaging

ISBN : 9780199791569

Brian Levine; I. M. Fergus Craik
312 ページ
164 x 241 mm

In the past 25 years, the frontal lobes have dominated human neuroscience research. Functional neuroimaging studies have revealed their importance to brain networks involved in nearly every aspect of mental and cognitive functioning. Studies of patients with focal brain lesions have expanded on early case study evidence of behavioral, emotional, and cognitive changes associated with frontal lobe brain damage. The role of frontal lobe function and dysfunction in human development (in both children and older adults), psychiatric disorders, the dementias, and other brain diseases has also received rapidly increasing attention. In this useful text, 14 leading frontal lobe researchers review and synthesize the current state of knowledge on frontal lobe function, including structural and functional brain imaging, brain network analysis, aging and dementia, traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation, attention, memory, and consciousness. The book therefore provides a state-of-the-art account of research in this exciting area, and also highlights a number of new findings by some of the world's top researchers.


1. Unifying Clinical, Experimental, and Neuroimaging Studies of the Human Frontal Lobes
B. Levine and F.I.M. Craik
2. Confabulation
M.P. Alexander
3. Reflections on ROBBIA
T. Shallice
4. Rostral Prefrontal Cortex: What Neuroimaging Can Learn from Human Neuropsychology
P.W. Burgess, Gil Gonen-Yaacovi, and Emmanuelle Volle
5. Combining the Insights Derived from Lesion and fMRI Studies to Understand the Function of Prefrontal Cortex
M.D. D'Esposito and D. Badre
6. Dynamic Communication and Connectivity in Frontal Networks
B. Voytek and R.T. Knight
7. The Frontal Lobes and Mental State Attribution
R.S. Rosenbaum and J.S. Rabin
8. Monitoring and Alerting: Two Forests among the Trees
I.H. Robertson
9. Cognitive Rehabilitation in Old Age: The Rotman Initiative
G. Winocur
10. Effects of Aging on Memory and Attention: A Frontal Lobe Problem?
F.I.M. Craik
11. The Aging Brain: An Alternate Perspective on Age-Related Changes
E. C. Leritz, R.E. McGlinchey, D.H. Salat, and W.P. Milberg
12. Structural Brain Imaging and Cognitive Aging
J. Ramirez and S.E. Black
13. The Effects of Focal and Diffuse Brain Injury on Behavior: Assessing "A Slice of Life" with Neuropsychology and Multimodal Neuroimaging
B. Levine
14. Does the Future Exist?
E. Tulving
15. The Necessary Narrative
T.W. Picton


Brian Levine is a senior scientist at the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest, professor of psychology and neurology at the University of Toronto, and Baycrest site director of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Centre for Stroke Recovery. He is a registered psychologist in Ontario, board certified in Clinical Neuropsychology, American Board of Professional Psychology, and he is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science.