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Q. What is the course comprised of?
A. The course is comprised of six workshops that are offered over a Summer Session and an Autumn Session.
Q. Do I have to attend the workshops in order?
A. No. As each workshop is comprised of individual and different content you can attend in the order that best fits your schedule.
Q. Do I have to complete all 6 workshops in one session to receive my certificates?
A. No. You can complete the workshops within 2 consecutive sessions e.g. if you finish workshops 3 and 4 in summer, you can complete workshops 1, 2, 5 and 6 in the autumn.
Q.Do I have to attend all 6 workshops?
A. No. You are welcome to attend the workshops that you choose. However, you will only be eligible to receive a certificate if you attend all six workshops and submit a report for each workshop.
Q. When do I have to submit the reports?
A. Each session has a set submission period. Please submit reports during this period following completion of all six workshops. You will be informed of the submission period at the workshops.
Q. How much is the course fee?
A. Each workshop costs ¥4,150. There are two workshops per day. You will need to pay ¥8,300 on the morning of each day that you attend (if you are planning to attend both workshops that day). The total fee for all six workshops comes to ¥24,900.
Q. Are the workshops lecture-style?
A. Each workshop includes a session on theory and a session on skills practice. The session on theory is lecture-style and introduces the key elements of that subject area, while the skills practice provides you actual lesson practice on how to use flash cards and how to teach effectively with the MAT METHOD.
Q. Who are the trainers?
A. Workshops are run by qualified teacher-trainers from the IIEEC Teacher Training Center, as well as Ms. Ritsuko Nakata, the famous co-author of Let's Go.
Q. What is the nationality of the attendees?
A. It depends on the workshops. However, usually two thirds of attendees are Japanese and one third are non-Japanese.
Q. What level of English proficiency is necessary to attend the course?
A. Since all the workshops will be conducted in English and the attendees will need to write the reports in English we estimate that attendees need to have a minimum English level equivalent to Eiken 2nd grade.
Q. Can I use my credit card to pay for the workshops?
A. We regret to inform you that the workshops can only be paid for in cash. Please have the exact amount ready on the day (¥8,300 if you plan to intend both workshops that day, or ¥4,150 for one workshop).
Q. Can I attend the workshops even though I haven't started to teach?
A. You are welcome to attend especially if you are aiming to become a teacher. Recently, we have a growing number of would-be-teacher attendees.
Q. Are the workshops taking place in cities other than Tokyo?
A. No. All workshops currently take place in Tokyo.

Q. How will I know if my registration has been accepted?
A. IIEEC will contact you and confirm the availability for the requested workshops within 5 days of registration.
Q. If the workshop is full, what should I do?
A. When the workshop is full your name will be put on the waiting list and IIEEC will contact you when there is a cancellation. If there is no cancellation you will be given priority for the next session.
Q. I have registered for the workshops but haven't received a confirmation yet. What should I do?
A. All registration is taken care of by IIEEC. Please contact IIEEC at or FAX: 03-3304-4223 with all inquiries.
Q. How can I cancel my workshop registration?
A. Please e-mail IIEEC at as instructed in the confirmation e-mail.

Q. What should I write in the report?
A. Please give details of the most useful things you have learned in the workshops. Please divide your report into the following three sections:
1) Summary of what you learnt
2) Application of how you used what you learnt in class
3) Opinions about what you learnt
Q. I haven't started my teaching career. What should I write in the 2) Application section?
A. Please write how you intend to apply what you have learned in these workshops to your future lessons.
Q. When do I have to submit the reports?
A. Each session has a set submission period. Please submit reports during this period following completion of all six workshops. You will be informed of this when you attend the workshops.

Q. Is this a Japanese National Qualification? What level of recognition does this certification have?
A. No. This is a Certificate of Completion issued by the IIEEC Teacher Training Certificate Center and Oxford University Press. It is not recognized as a Japanese National Qualification.

The recognition and popularity of this practical certificate program are growing year by year both within Japan and overseas. A number of schools choose to display the certificate on their office walls. However, please do note that this certificate is not endorsed by the University of Oxford.
Q. When will I receive my certificates?
A. Please allow 2-3 months to receive your certificates.
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