queerqueen: Linguistic Excess in Japanese Media

ISBN : 9780190869601

Claire Maree
224 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jul 2020
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  • Critically analyzes the figure of the queerqueen in a diversity of Japanese media texts from conversational dialogues (taidan) to parody animations
  • Proposes the notion of "language labor" as central to our understanding of how styles are entextualized, mediatized, and commodified
  • Examines tropes of censorship and voyeurism in contemporary print and audiovisual media

From the twins Osugi and Peeco to longstanding icon Miwa Akihiro, Claire Maree traces the figure of the Japanese queerqueen, showing how a diversity of gender identifications, sexual orientations, and discursive styles are commodified and packaged together to form this character. Representations of gay men's speech have changed in tandem with gender norms, increasingly crossing over into popular media via the body of the "authentic" gay male up to and including the current "LGBT boom" in Japan. In this context, queerqueen demonstrates how commercial practices of recording, transcribing, and editing spoken interactions and use of on-screen text encode queerqueen speech as inherently excessive and in need of containment. Tackling questions of authenticity, self-censorship, and the restrictions of heteronormativity within this perception of queer excess, Maree shows how queerqueen styles reproduce stereotypes of gender, sexuality, and desire that are essential to the business of mainstream entertainment.


Queerqueens: An Introduction

Chapter One
Booms: Recycling the Visual and Sonic Image of the Queerqueen Figure

Chapter Two
Excess in Print: (Re)tracing Conversational Dialogues

Chapter Three
Queen-personality talk: Writing queens on the Small Screen

Chapter Four
Linguistic Chaos: Hybrid Animation and the Queerqueen

Chapter Five
Beeping Deluxe: Staging Self-censorship and the Limits of Excess

Chapter Six
Heave-ho: Radical Recontextualization

Chapter Seven
Cyclical Movements or Writing Excess

About the author: 

Claire Maree, Associate Professor & Reader at Asia Institute, University of Melbourne
Claire Maree Maree is Associate Professor & Reader at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne. Her research spans the areas of gender, sexuality and language studies, media studies, and queer studies. She is co-editor of Discourse, Gender and Shifting Identities in Japan and author of two research monographs in Japanese.

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