Genetics in Medicine

ISBN : 9780198841555

Barbara Jennings; Gavin Willis; Nandu Thalange
144 Pages
189 x 245 mm
Pub date
May 2020
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  • Oxford Biology Primers are the only resource to introduce prospective and current students of undergraduate-level bioscience to a range of topics from this dynamic experimental science, enticing readers to study further
  • Its titles directly support two key transitions in the student journey: from school to undergraduate-level study, and from undergraduate to independent researcher
  • Its modular format offers a high degree of flexibility, with teachers being able to draw on specific volumes that augment the post-16 curriculum, university lecturers being able to draw on specific volumes at different stages of the undergraduate curriculum, and with materials from the series being available for access in both print and digital formats

Written primarily for students embarking on an undergraduate bioscience degree, this primer will review the essential biological concepts that underpin any programme of more advanced study and give early-stage undergraduates the opportunity to review topics about which they may feel under-prepared or less confident.
Genetic medicine has entered an era of rapid expansion. It is no longer just relevant to families affected by rare congenital disorders, but has the potential to affect the diagnosis and treatment of most common complex diseases.
The successful application of new genetic science in the decades ahead will depend on the next generation of undergraduates or university applicants, who are now planning their careers as Biologists and Clinicians.This primer explores core concepts about heredity and genome analysis, illustrates current clinical practice with case-histories, and discusses the potentials and pitfalls of personalised medicine.


1: Nucleic Acids, Genes, and Genomes
2: Mutations and Genetic Variation
3: Laboratory Techniques and the Sequencing Revolution
4: The Application of Genetic Medicine in Childhood
5: Genetic Medicine for Adult Onset Disease
6: Pharmacogenetics and Personalised Medicine

About the author: 

Barbara Jennings, Norwich Medical School, Gavin Willis, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, and Nandu Thalange, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Barbara Jennings was part of the faculty team that established Norwich Medical School at UEA. She is a senior lecturer and the academic lead for their genetics curriculum. Barbara is a scientist: she completed her PhD about cancer genetics at UEA in 1995, and she has a background in clinical molecular diagnostics for the NHS. Her published research spans cancer genetics, genetic epidemiology, and pharmacogenetics. Barbara is also the course director of a free online course about pharmacogenetics (Using Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenetics).
Nandu Thalange graduated from King's College, London in 1988, intent on a career in paediatric endocrinology. During training, Nandu was exposed to a large number of genetic disorders with implications for the endocrinologist which stimulated his interest in this area. For many years he was a senior lecturer at UEA and taught genetics to medical students from the inception of the Norwich Medical School. He remains active as a teacher and clinician and was recently appointed as an honorary Professor of Paediatrics at Mohammed Bin Rashid University, Dubai.
Gavin Willis graduated from Imperial College, London in 1985, and began his career in molecular biology and human genetics. He completed his PhD at the John Innes Institute in Norwich, and joined the pathology department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in 1996, to develop molecular diagnostic markers for leukaemia. Gavin is the principal clinical scientist in the section of molecular genetics, and a specialist in the genetic tests used for the management of families affected by hereditary haemochromatosis.

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