Modern Digital and Analog Communications Systems (4th International Edition)

ISBN : 9780195384932

B. P. Lathi; Zhi Ding
928 Pages
203 x 255 mm
Pub date
Jul 2009
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Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems is ideal for the first communication systems course for electrical and computer engineers; it offers its readers a consistently superb pedagogical style and explains complex subjects and concepts clearly, using both mathematics and heuristics. This new edition seamlessly incorporates many new technological advances in Lathi's trademark style of user-friendliness and high readability. The text begins by introducing students to a panoramic view of communication systems, explaining important concepts of communication theory in a heuristic way. Only after a solid introduction to basic communication systems is analysis of communication systems requiring probability and random processes presented. The authors use real world examples to capture the students' attention and enable them to easily relate the course materials with their daily experience of communication tools. The text features easy-to-understand examples and MatLab exercises to clarify mathematical results and proofs. Among the newly introduced topics are spread spectrum communications and orthogonal frequency devision multiplexing (OFDM), error connection coding, soft-decoding, turbo codes and low density parity check (LDPC) codes. To better motivate various topics, the text provides many related applications including the latest wire-line (DSL) services, cellular systems, and the wireless local area networks (LANs). This unique text is highly informative, interactive, and accessible to beginning students as well as seasoned practitioners.


1   Introduction
2   Signals and signal space
3   Analysis and transmission of signals
4   Amplitude modulations and demodulations
5   Angle modulationand demodulation
6   Sampling and analog to digital conversion
7   Principles of digital data transmission
8   Fundamentals of probability theory
9   Random processes and spectral analysis
10 Performance analysis of digital communication systems
11 Spread spectrum communication
12 Digital communications under linearly distortive channel
13 Introduction to infomation theory
14 Error correcting codes

A - orthogonality of some signal sets
B - cauchy-schwarz inequality
C - gram-schmidt orthogonalization of a vector set
D - basic matrix properties and operations
E - miscellaneous


About the author: 

B. P. Lathi, Professor, Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, California State
Zhi Ding, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis

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