The Oxford Handbook of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

ISBN : 9780198753179

Michael Mawson; Philip G. Ziegler
528 Pages
171 x 171 mm
Pub date
Nov 2019
Oxford Handbooks
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  • The most comprehensive reference work on Dietrich Bonhoeffer to date, offering an overview of all aspects of Bonhoeffer and his legacy
  • Features fresh assessments of all aspects of Bonhoeffer's theology and legacy in light of ongoing debates and scholarship
  • Draws together and assesses the very best of existing research on Bonhoeffer, which promote new avenues for research on Bonhoeffer


This volume provides a comprehensive resource for those wishing to understand the German theologian, pastor, and resistance conspirator Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) and his writings. During his lifetime he made important contributions to many of the major areas of theology: ecclesiology, creation, Christology, discipleship, and ethics. The Oxford Handbook of Dietrich Bonhoeffer surveys, assesses, and presents the field of research and debates of Bonhoeffer and his legacy, as well as of previous Bonhoeffer scholarship. Featuring contributions from leading Bonhoeffer scholars, historians, theologians, and ethicists, many essays draw attention to Bonhoeffer's positive contributions, while several essays also identify limits and problems with his thinking as it stands.
Divided into five parts, the first section provides a detailed outline of Bonhoeffer's biography and the contexts that gave rise to his theology. The contributors explore the dynamic relationship between Bonhoeffer's life and theology. Section two provides rigorous engagements with and assessments of Bonhoeffer's theology on its own terms. Part three demonstrates how Bonhoeffer's ethical claims and engagements are deeply integrated with theological commitments. The fourth section showcases some of the best work drawing upon Bonhoeffer for engaging contemporary challenges, including feminism, race, public theology in South Africa, and contemporary philosophy. In recent decades, Bonhoeffer's theology has provoked significant critical reflection on social and cultural issues. The essays in this section exemplify how his writings can continue to contribute to such reflection today. The fifth and final section consists of essays on resources for the contemporary study of Bonhoeffer and his theology, including sources and texts, biographies and portraits, and readings and receptions. These essays also address pressing historiographical issues and problems surrounding writing about Bonhoeffer's life and theology. This authoritative collection draws together and assesses the very best of existing research on Bonhoeffer and promotes new avenues for research on Bonhoeffer.


List of Abbreviations
List of Contributors
Introduction, Michael Mawson and Philip G. Ziegler

Part I: Life and Context
1: Bonhoeffer the Student, Michael P. DeJonge
2: Bonhoeffer in North America, Gary Dorrien
3: Bonhoeffer the Academic Theologian, Peter Frick
4: Bonhoeffer and the Church Struggle, Matthew D. Hockenos
5: Bonhoeffer and the Conspiracy, Victoria J. Barnett
6: Bonhoeffer and Ecumenism, Keith Clements
7: Bonhoeffer and the Jews, Andreas Pangritz
8: Bonhoeffer the Preacher, David J. Lose

Part II: Theology and Doctrine
9: Scripture, Michael Mawson
10: God, Philip G. Ziegler
11: Christology, Christiane Tietz
12: The Holy Spirit, Christopher R. J. Holmes
13: Creation, Matthew Puffer
14: Anthropology, Rachel Muers
15: Sin and Salvation, Mark Knight
16: Ecclesiology, Tom Greggs
17: The Christian Life, Stefan Heuser
18: Eschatology, Mark Lindsay

Part III: Ethics and Public Life
19: The Reality of Christian Ethics, Robin Lovin
20: The Forms of Ethical Life, Hans G. Ulrich
21: Freedom, Responsibility, and Moral Agency, Gerald McKenny
22: Religion and Secularity, Ralf K. Wüstenberg
23: Bonhoeffer and Political Life, Stephen J. Plant
24: Bonhoeffer's Christian Peace Ethic, Conditional Pacifism, and Resistance, Clifford Green

Part IV: Thinking After Bonhoeffer
25: Bonhoeffer and Feminist Theologies, Jenny M. McBride
26: Bonhoeffer and Race, Reggie Williams
27: Bonhoeffer, Community, and Witness, Barry Harvey
28: Bonhoeffer, South Africa, and Global Contexts, Nico Koopman
29: Bonhoeffer and Contemporary Philosophy, Jens Zimmermann

Part V: Studying Bonhoeffer
30: Sources and Texts, Matthew D. Kirkpatrick
31: Biographies and Portraits, John W. de Gruchy
32: Readings and Receptions, Stephen R. Haynes


About the author: 

Edited by Michael Mawson, Senior Lecturer in Theology, Charles Sturt University, and Philip G. Ziegler, Professor of Christian Dogmatics, University of Aberdeen
Philip G. Ziegler is Professor of Christian Dogmatics at the University of Aberdeen. He is the author of Doing Theology When God is Forgotten: The Theological Achievement of Wolf Krötke (2007) and Militant Grace: The Apocalyptic Turn and the Future of Christian Theology (2018). He is a General Secretary of the Karl Barth Society of North America, and had served on the executive committee of the English language section of the International Bonhoeffer Society.
Michael Mawson is Senior Lecturer in Theology at Charles Sturt University, and was previously Senior Lecturer in Theological Ethics at the University of Aberdeen. He is the author of Christ Existing as Community: Bonhoeffer's Ecclesiology (2018) and co-editor of Christ, Church and World: New Studies in Bonhoeffer's Theology and Ethics (with Philip G. Ziegler; 2016).
Victoria J. Barnett, Keith Clements, John de Gruchy, Michael P. DeJonge, Gary Dorrien, Peter Frick, Clifford Green, Tom Greggs, Barry Harvey, Stephen R. Haynes, Stefan Heuser, Matthew D. Hockenos, Christopher R. J. Holmes, Matthew D. Kirkpatrick, Mark Knight, Nico Koopman, Mark Lindsay, David J. Lose, Robin Lovin, Gerald McKenny, Jennifer M. McBride, Michael Mawson, Rachel Muers, Andreas Pangritz, Stephen J. Plant, Matthew Puffer, Christiane Tietz, Hans G. Ulrich, Reggie Williams, Ralf Wüstenberg, Philip G. Ziegler, Jens Zimmermann

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