Write Like a Chemist: A Textbook and Resource

ISBN : 9780195305074

Marin S. Robinson; Fredricka L. Stoller; Molly Costanza-Robinson; James K. Jones
720 Pages
177 x 251 mm
Pub date
Mar 2008
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Meant as a companion to The ACS Style Guide, not a competitor, this book is an extraordinary resource for upper-level chemistry majors as well as graduate students faced with writing a journal article, a conference abstract, or a thesis. Full of prepared research projects and exercises, Write Like a Chemist provides expert instruction ideal for students from diverse backgrounds, including both native and nonnative speakers of English.
It is specifically designed to help students transition from the writing skills required in undergraduate lecture and laboratory classes to writing skills required by career chemists: a journal article, a scientific poster, and a research proposal. Each of these types of writing is directed toward a different audience, and writing for a journal requires a different writing style than writing a research proposal for the National Science Foundation. Thus to write like a chemist requires that one learns to write for different audiences. This book assists young scientists in developing that essential writing skill.


Section One: Writing Modules
1: Learning to Write Like a Chemist
Module 1: The Journal Article
2: Overview of the Journal Article
3: Writing the Methods Section
4: Writing the Results Section
5: Writing the Discussion
6: Writing the Introduction
7: Writing the Abstract and Title
Module 2: The Scientific Poster
8: Writing the Conference Abstract
9: Writing the Poster Text and Title
10: Designing the Poster
Module 3: The Research Proposal
11: Overview of the Research Proposal
12: Writing the Goals and Importance Section
13: Writing the Proposed Methodology Section
14: Writing the Outcomes and Impacts Section
15: Writing the Project Summary and Title
Section Two: Graphics and Citations
16: Formatting Figures, Tables, and Schemes
17: Formatting Citations and References
18: Finalizing Your Written Work
Appendix A: language tips
Appendix B: move structures

About the author: 

Marin S. Robinson, Northern Arizona University, USA
Fredricka L. Stoller, Northern Arizona University, USA
Molly Costanza-Robinson, Middlebury College, USA
James K. Jones, Graduate Teaching Assistant for Write Like A Chemist project 2001-4

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