The Oxford Handbook of Mary

ISBN : 9780198792550

Chris Maunder
720 Pages
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Aug 2019
Oxford Handbooks
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  • Includes forty-two chapters on various topics that focus upon Mary the mother of Jesus and her veneration in Catholic, Orthodox, and Muslim traditions
  • Provides an up to date comprehensive overview of major texts, theologies, and devotions about Mary from Eastern and Western perspectives as well as Islam
  • Challenges previously established notions about Mary which are often assumed, but not proven
  • An essential reference for students and researchers of Marian Studies

The Oxford Handbook of Mary offers an interdisciplinary guide to Marian Studies, including chapters on textual, literary, and media analysis; theology; Church history; art history; studies on devotion in a variety of forms; cultural history; folk tradition; gender analysis; apparitions and apocalypticism. Featuring contributions from a distinguished group of international scholars, the Handbook looks at both Eastern and Western perspectives and attempts to correct imbalance in previous books on Mary towards the West. The volume also considers Mary in Islam and pilgrimages shared by Christian, Muslim, and Jewish adherents. 
While Mary can be a source of theological disagreement, this authoritative collection shows Mary's rich potential for inter-faith and inter-denominational dialogue and shared experience. It covers a diverse number of topics that show how Mary and Mariology are articulated within ecclesiastical contexts but also on their margins in popular devotion. Newly-commissioned essays describe some of the central ideas of Christian Marian thought, while also challenging popularly-held notions. This invaluable reference for students and scholars illustrates the current state of play in Marian Studies as it is done across the world.


List of Figures
List of contributors
Introduction, Chris Maunder

Part 1: Foundations
1: Mary and the Gospel Narratives, Chris Maunder
2: Mary in the Apocrypha, Tony Burke
3: Mary in Patristics, Andrew Louth
4: The Virgin as Theotokos at Ephesus (AD 431) and Earlier, Richard Price
5: Marian Typology and Symbolic Imagery in Patristic Christianity, Brian Reynolds
6: Mary in Islam, Zeki Saritoprak

Part 2: Mary in the Eastern Churches
7: Mary in the Hymnody of the East, John McGuckin
8: The Virgin Mary Theotokos in Orthodox Piety, Christine Chaillot
9: Mary as Intercessor in Byzantine Theology, Bronwen Neil
10: Byzantine Festal Homilies on the Virgin Mary, Mary Cunningham
11: The Doctrine of the Theotokos in Gregory Palamas, Christiaan Kappes
12: The Russian Spiritual Verses on the Mother of God, Richard Price
13: The Mother of God in Finnish Orthodox Women´s Lived Piety: Converted and Skolt Sámi Voices, Elina Vuola
14: Marian Devotion in the Contemporary Eastern Mediterranean, Nurit Stadler
15: Mary in Modern Orthodox Theology, Andrew Louth

Part 3: Marian Themes in Western Christianity
16: The Virgin Mary in the Hymns of the Catholic Church, Thomas Thompson
17: The Papacy and Maria Regina Imagery in Roman Churches between the Sixth and Twelfth Centuries, Eileen Rubery
18: Mary and Grace, Matthew Levering
19: Mary in the Work of Redemption, Robert Fastiggi
20: The Patristic and Medieval Roots of Mary s Humility, Brian Reynolds
21: Mary in Medieval Prayer: The Hours of the Virgin, Rachel Fulton Brown
22: The Idea of Mary as Sister in Carmelite Mariology, Kevin J. Alban
23: Mary in Medieval Hispanic Literatures, Lesley K. Twomey
24: The Annunciation from Luke to the Enlightenment: A Cultural History, Gary Waller

Part 4: Mary in the West from the Reformation
25: Mary, Gender, and the English Reformation, Stephen Bates
26: Chasing the Lady: Revealing, Reforming, and Restoring the Virgin Mary in the Eucharist during the English Reformations and beyond, Paul Williams
27: Mary in Luther and the Lutheran Reformation, Beth Kreitzer
28: Mariology in the Counter Reformation, Robert Fastiggi
29: Mary and Inculturation in Mexico and India, Patrizia Granziera
30: Original Holiness: The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic Theology of Nineteenth-Century Europe, Sarah Jane Boss
31: Mary as Cultural Symbol in the Nineteenth Century, Carol Engelhardt Herringer
32: Mariology at and after the Second Vatican Council, Arthur B. Calkins
33: Mary and Modernity, Charlene Spretnak
34: Symbol, Vision, Mother: Mary in Film, Catherine O'Brien

Part 5: Marian Pilgrimage, Apparitions, and Miracles
35: Medieval Marian Pilgrimage in the Catholic West, James Bugslag
36: Marian Piety and Gender: Marian Devotion and the 'Feminization' of Religion, Tine van Osselaer
37: Mary and Migrant Communities: Pilgrimage and African Mary-craft in Europe, Catrien Notermans
38: Mary in a Mobile World: The Anthropology of a Moving Symbol, Simon Coleman
39: Mary and Multi-Faith Pilgrimages, Dionigi Albera
40: Mary and Modern Catholic Material Culture, Deirdre de la Cruz
41: Marian Apocalypticism, Daniel Wojcik
42: The Global Network of Deviant Revelatory Marian Movements, Peter Jan Margry

About the author: 

Edited by Chris Maunder, Senior Lecturer of Theology and Religious Studies, York St John University
Chris Maunder is Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies at York St John University. Since completing a PhD at the University of Leeds in 1991, he has written several articles on the European apparitions of Mary. Whilst being a scholar of Catholic popular religion in his professional life, he is also passionate about Marian shrines as a personal interest, visiting them across Europe and helping to maintain his local shrine, a 15th-century rock chapel in Knaresborough, Yorkshire. His publications include Our Lady of the Nations: Apparitions of Mary in 20th-Century Catholic Europe (2016), Origins of the Cult of the Virgin Mary (2008), and Documents of the Christian Church, Fourth Edition(co-edited with Henry Bettenson; 2011).
Chris Maunder
Chris Maunder
Tony Burke
Andrew Louth
Richard Price
Brian Reynolds
Zeki Saritoprak
John McGuckin
Christine Chaillot
Bronwen Neil
Mary Cunningham
Christiaan Kappes
Richard Price
Elina Vuola
Nurit Stadler
Andrew Louth
Thomas Thompson
Eileen Rubery
Matthew Levering
Robert Fastiggi
Brian Reynolds
Rachel Fulton Brown
Kevin J. Alban
Lesley K. Twomey
Gary Waller
Stephen Bates
Paul Williams
Beth Kreitzer
Robert Fastiggi
Patrizia Granziera
Sarah Jane Boss
Carol Engelhardt Herringer
Arthur B. Calkins
Charlene Spretnak
Catherine O'Brien
James Bugslag
Tine van Osselaer
Catrien Notermans
Simon Coleman
Dionigi Albera
Deirdre de la Cruz
Daniel Wojcik
Peter Jan Margry

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