The Oxford Handbook of Adult Cognitive Disorders

ISBN : 9780190664121

Michael L. Alosco; Robert A. Stern
864 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Jun 2019
Oxford Library of Psychology
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  • Features relatively new topics such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy and new insights on disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury
  • Discusses the advances and current state of knowledge on established adult cognitive disorders
  • Provides guidance for future clinical research in the field

The prevalence of adult cognitive disorders will dramatically rise over the next 25 years due to the aging population. Clinical research on adult cognitive disorders has rapidly evolved, including evidence of new adult cognitive disorders and greater insight into the clinical presentation, mechanism, diagnosis, and treatment of established diseases. 
The Oxford Handbook of Adult Cognitive Disorders is an up-to-date, scholarly, and comprehensive volume covering most diseases, conditions, and injuries resulting in impairments in cognitive function in adults. Topics covered include normal cognitive and brain aging, the impact of medical disorders and psychiatric illnesses on cognitive function, adult neurodevelopmental disorders, and various neurological conditions. This Handbook also provides a section on unique perspectives and special considerations for clinicians and clinical researchers, covering topics such as cognitive reserve, genetics, diversity, and neuroethics. Readers will be able to draw upon this volume to facilitate clinical practice (including differential diagnosis, treatment recommendations, assessment practices), and to obtain an in-depth review of current research across a wide spectrum of disorders, provided by leaders in their fields. The Oxford Handbook of Adult Cognitive Disorders is a one-of a kind resource appropriate for both clinicians and clinical researchers, from advanced trainees to seasoned professionals.



1. Overview of the Oxford Handbook of Adult Cognitive Disorders
Michael L. Alosco and Robert A. Stern

2. Normal Cognitive and Brain Aging
Stephanie L. Leal and Michael A. Yassa

Medical Disorders and Neurocognition

3. HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND)
Jennifer E. Iudicello, Erin E. Morgan, Mariam A. Hussain, C. Wei-Ming Watson, and Robert K. Heaton

4. Cancer and Cancer Treatment Related Cognitive Impairment
James C. Root, Elizabeth Ryan, and Tim A. Ahles

5. Effects of Cardiovascular Disease and Related Risk Factors on Neurocognition
Spencer W. Liebel and Lawrence H. Sweet

6. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and the Brain
Olga Neyman and Tamara Hershey

7. Chronic Kidney Disease and Neurocognition
David A. Drew and Daniel E. Weiner

8. Cognitive Impairment in Liver Disease
Ganesh Pantham and Kevin D. Mullen

9. Pulmonary Disorders
Sachelle Ruickbie, Charles Sharp, and James W. Dodd

10. Neurocognition in Menopause and Reproductive Disorders
Kelly N. Morgan, Kejal Kantarci, Sanjay Asthana, and Cary E. Gleason

11. Neurotoxicant Exposures
Roberta F. White, Caitlin Brand, Birgit Claus Henn, and Patricia A. Janulewicz

Psychiatric Disorders and Neurocognition

12. Cognitive Function in Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Hannah R. Snyder and Benjamin L. Hankin

13. Neuropsychology of PTSD
Jennifer J. Vasterling and Gabriel S. Walt

14. Cognition in Schizophrenia-Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders
Martin Strassnig and Philip D. Harvey

15. Alcohol Use Disorder: Permanent and Transient Effects on the Brain and Neuropsychological Functions
Anne-Pascale Le Berre, Alice Laniepce, Shailendra Segobin, Anne-Lise Pitel, and Edith V. Sullivan

16. Sleep Disorders and Neurocognition
Alexandra M. Villagran and Michael K. Scullin

Adult Neurodevelopmental Disorders

17. Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adults
Charlotte M. Pretzsch, James L. Findon, and Prof. Declan G. Murphy

18. Cognition, Aging and the Development of Dementia in Down Syndrome
Allison Caban-Holt, David K. Powell, Amelia J. Anderson-Mooney, William Robertson, Donita Lightner, Frederick A. Schmitt, and Elizabeth Head

19. Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Beth Krone, Amanda Kirschenbaum, Thomas Yang, Amy Glick, Alexander Newcorn, and Jeffrey H. Newcorn

Neurological Disorders

20. Cognitive Functions in Patients with Brain Tumors
Denise D. Correa
21. Hydrocephalus
Aamir A. Khan, David Solomon, and Abhay R. Moghekar

22. Seizure Disorders
Danny M. Tam and William B. Barr

23. Multiple Sclerosis
Brian M. Sandroff and John DeLuca

24. Traumatic Brain Injury
Irene Cristofori and Jordan Grafman

25. Concussion
Breton M. Asken and Michael A. McCrea

26. Alzheimer's Disease
Dorene M. Rentz, Irina Orlovsky, Emily Kilpatrick, and Kathryn V. Papp

27. The Spectrum of Cerebrovascular Disease and Associated Cognitive Decline
Victoria J. Williams, Steven E. Arnold, and David H. Salat

28. Parkinson's Disease and Parkinson-Plus Syndromes
Alice Cronin-Golomb, Gretchen O. Reynolds, Robert D. Salazar, and Marie-Hélène Saint-Hilaire

29. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Jason W. Adams, Ian Mahar, and Ann C. McKee

30. Huntington Disease
Jane S. Paulsen

31. Frontotemporal Dementia
Andrea G. Alioto, Christie C. Mead, Alicia B. Vanden Bussche, Adam M. Staffaroni, and Joel H. Kramer

32. Rapidly Progressive Dementia: Human Prion Diseases and An Approach for Evaluating Non-Prion Etiologies
David N. Soleimani-Meigooni and Michael D. Geschwind

33. Alcohol Dementia, Wernicke's Encephalopathy, and Korsakoff's Syndrome
Marlene Oscar-Berman and Nasim Maleki


34. Overview of the Reserve Concept in the Context of Cognitive Aging
Preeti Sunderaraman and Yaakov Stern

35. Overview of the Reserve Concept in the Context of Cognitive Aging
Robin C. Hilsabeck and Beth C. Arredondo

36. Genetics of Adult Cognitive Disorders
Laney Evers, Courtney Verscaj, and Jesse Mez

37. Applications of Neuropathological Examination in Adult Cognitive Disorders
Thor D. Stein, Victor E. Alvarez, and Bertrand R. Huber

38. Considerations for Translational Research in the Study of Adult Cognitive Disorders
Erich S. Franz, Sarah E. Rind, and Lee E. Goldstein

39. Issues of Diversity in Cognitive Aging: A Focus on Older African Americans
Lisa L. Barnes

40. Ethical Issues in Adult Cognitive Disorders
Andrea Horwege, Thomas Hammeke, Anita Sue Jwa, and Allyson C. Rose

About the author: 

Edited by Michael L. Alosco, Postdoctoral Fellow, Alzheimers Disease and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center, Boston University, and Edited by Robert A. Stern, Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Anatomy and Neurobiology, Boston University School of Medicine
Michael L. Alosco, PhD, is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist and an Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Alosco has more than 110 peer-reviewed publications, numerous book chapters, has received several federal and non-federal grants, is the recipient of a National Institutes of Health K23 Career Development Award, has received multiple awards from international professional organizations, and has been clinically trained in adult neuropsychology at some of the leading institutions across the country. His clinical experiences with adult cognitive disorders are diverse, ranging from outpatient memory clinics to inpatient psychiatry, and forensic settings. 
Robert A. Stern, PhD, is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist and a Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Anatomy & Neurobiology, at Boston University (BU) School of Medicine, where he is also the Clinical Core Director of the BU Alzheimer's Disease Center and Co-Founder and Director of Clinical Research for the BU CTE Center. Dr. Stern is an international leader in neuropsychology and clinical neuroscience and has an extensive publication record. He has had continuous grant support for over 25 years, and has developed widely used neuropsychological instruments, including the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB). He is also a pioneer clinical researcher in the field of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and has received several grants from National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and private industry to develop methods for detecting and diagnosing CTE during life.
Jason W. Adams, BS
Tim A. Ahles, PhD
Andrea G. Alioto, MS
Michael L. Alosco, PhD
Victor E. Alvarez, MD
Amelia J. Anderson-Mooney, PhD
Steven E. Arnold, MD
Beth C. Arredondo, PhD, ABPP-CN
Breton M. Asken, MS, ATC
Sanjay Asthana, MD
Lisa L. Barnes, PhD
William B. Barr, PhD, ABPP
Caitlin Brand, MPH
Allison Caban-Holt, PhD
Birgit Claus Henn, ScD
Denise D. Correa, PhD, ABPP-CN
Irene Cristofori, PhD
Alice Cronin-Golomb, PhD
John DeLuca, PhD
James W. Dodd, MB, ChB, MRCP, PhD
David A. Drew, MD, MS
Laney Evers, BS
James L. Findon, MSc
Erich S. Franz, BS
Michael D. Geschwind, MD, PhD
Carey E. Gleason, PhD
Amy Glick, MD
Lee E. Goldstein MD, PhD
Jordan Grafman, PhD
Thomas Hammeke, PhD
Benjamin L. Hankin, PhD
Philip D. Harvey, PhD
Elizabeth Head, MA, PhD
Robert K. Heaton, PhD
Tamara Hershey, PhD
Robin C. Hilsabeck, PhD, ABPP-CN
Andrea Horwege
Bertrand R. Huber, MD, PhD
Mariam A. Hussain, BA
Jennifer E. Iudicello, PhD
Patricia A. Janulewicz, DSc
Anita Sue Jwa, JSM
Kejal Kantarci, MD
Aamir A. Khan, PhD
Emily Kilpatrick, BA
Amanda Kirschenbaum, BSc
Joel H. Kramer, PsyD
Beth Krone, PhD
Alice Laniepce, MS
Anne-Pascale Le Berre, PhD
Stephanie L. Leal, PhD
Spencer W. Liebel, M.S
Donita Lightner, MD
Ian Mahar, PhD
Nasim Maleki, PhD
Michael A. McCrea, PhD
Ann C. McKee, MD
Christie C. Mead, MS
Jesse Mez, MD, MS
Abhay R. Moghekar, MBBS
Erin E. Morgan, PhD
Kelly N. Morgan, PsyD
Kevin D. Mullen MD, FRCPI
Prof. Declan G. Murphy, FRCPsych
Alexander Newcorn, BA
Jeffrey H. Newcorn, MD
Olga Neyman, BS
Irina Orlovsky, MA
Marlene Oscar-Berman, PhD
Ganesh Pantham MD, MRCP
Kathryn V. Papp, PhD
Jane S. Paulsen, PhD 
Anne-Lise Pitel, PhD
David K. Powell, PhD
Charlotte M. Pretzsch, MSc
Dorene M. Rentz, PsyD
Gretchen O. Reynolds, PhD
Sarah E. Rind, BA
William Robertson, MD
James C. Root, PhD
Allyson C. Rosen, PhD
Sachelle Ruickbie, MB, ChB, MRCP
Elizabeth Ryan, PhD, ABPP-CN
Marie-Hélène Saint-Hilaire, MD, FRCPC
David H. Salat, PhD
Robert D. Salazar, MA
Brian M. Sandroff, PhD
Frederick A. Schmitt, PhD
Michael K. Scullin, PhD
Shailendra Segobin, PhD
Charles Sharp, BMBCh, MD, MRCP
Hannah R. Snyder, PhD
David N. Soleimani-Meigooni, MD
David Solomon, PhD
Adam M. Staffaroni, PhD
Thor D. Stein, MD, PhD
Robert A. Stern, PhD
Yaakov Stern, PhD
Martin Strassnig, MD
Edith V. Sullivan, PhD
Preeti Sunderaraman, PhD
Lawrence H. Sweet, PhD
Danny M. Tam, PhD
Alicia B. Vanden Bussche, MS
Jennifer J. Vasterling, PhD
Courtney Verscaj, BS
Alexandra M. Villagran, MS
Gabriel S. Walt, MA
C. Wei-Ming Watson, BA
Daniel E. Weiner, MD, MS
Roberta F. White, PhD, ABPP
Victoria J. Williams Ph.D
Thomas Yang, MD
Michael A. Yassa, PhD

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