Molecular Population Genetics

ISBN : 9780878939657

Matthew W. Hahn
352 Pages
179 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jul 2018
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  • Focuses on the analysis of DNA sequence data collected from natural populations, reviewing the logic and assumptions behind commonly used methods
  • Covers methods for studying recombination, population structure, natural selection, and demographic history
  • An essential text for understanding the interpretation of molecular variation

Molecular Population Genetics is a general text covering one of the most active and exciting areas in biology. Combining advances in molecular biology and genomics with mathematical and empirical findings from population genetics, work in molecular population genetics has uncovered the extraordinary history of natural selection and demographic shifts in many organisms, including humans. While basic descriptions of the methods and tools of this field can be found in disparate places, no previous book has brought them together in a single volume. Rather than cobble together pieces from books, reviews, and primary research articles, Molecular Population Genetics presents a coherent user's guide to the field. Intended as a text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, the book will also be useful as a detailed reference for active professionals


Chapter 1. Models of Evolution
Chapter 2. Experimental Design
Chapter 3. Describing Variation
Chapter 4. Recombination
Chapter 5. Population Structure
Chapter 6. The Coalescent
Chapter 7. Direct Selection
Chapter 8. Linked Selection
Chapter 9. Demographic History
Chapter 10. Population Genomics

About the author: 

Matthew W. Hahn is a professor at the Indiana University, Bloomington, Department of Biology and Department of Computer Science, and is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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