Building Distinctive Brand Assets

ISBN : 9780190311506

Jenni Romaniuk
248 Pages
153 x 229 mm
Pub date
May 2018


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  • Provides in-depth strategic framework and tactical structure to build and manage a brand's identity.
  • Details new research into several of the most popular types of assets to help in asset selection and execution.
  • Explores the major myths that lead to poor decision-making.

Building Distinctive Brand Assets is for anyone with a brand logo, font or colour scheme, and is essential reading for those who have wondered if (or have been told) it's time for a change. Readers will learn how to set up a long-term strategy to build a strong brand identity, and how to make use of knowledge, metrics and management systems in order to build and protect a brand's Distinctive Assets. 
Building Distinctive Brand Assets is divided into three sections that capture the processes involved in brand asset creation, implementation and ongoing management. The first section is focuses on strategy, and covers how Distinctive Assets are created and their role in a broader brand equity building. The second section covers measurement approaches, and how to use and interpret key metrics. The third section delves into the strengths and weaknesses of different types of assets and introduces the idea of a Distinctive Asset palette. This section also outlines how to set up a Distinctive Asset management system to provide an early warning system to identify potential threats before they evolve into major issues.


This book is for anyone with a brand.
It is a book about future-proofing your brand’s identity. It will help you set up a long-term strategy to build Distinctive Assets, and tell you what you need to do to protect them.
Do you want to get better at branding?
You’ll learn which strategies and actions work, as well as which ones don’t, to help you take advantage of opportunities and avoid minefields.


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1. Introduction
2. The formation of a brand identity
3. The role of distinctive assets
4. How distinctive assets help build mental availability
5. How distinctive assets help build physical availability
6. Using distinctive assets to signal meaning
7. The corporate, parent, sub-brand hierarchy
8. Measuring asset strength
9. Metrics: Fame
10. Metrics: Uniqueness
11. Metrics: The Grid
12. Types of distinctive assets
13. Colour as an asset
14. The Power of Sound
15. Taglines and other words
16. The celebrity dilemma
17. Keeping relevant (in a changing world)

About the author: 

Jenni Romaniuk is a Research Professor and Associate Director (International) of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia Business School.

William Caruso is a tutor in the School of Marketing at the University of South Australia.
Ella Ward is a project officer in the School of Marketing at the University of South Australia.

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