Pocket Oxford Thesaurus (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199534821

Oxford Dictionaries
928 Pages
123 x 186 mm
Pub date
May 2008


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  • A hardback thesaurus, ideal for home, work, or school, with over 230,000 syonyms and antonyms
  • Features all the words you need for everyday use, with synonyms given in order of usefulness
  • New usage notes on commonly confused words help you to avoid common pitfalls
  • Centre section includes new and updated lists of nouns, such as types of birds, bread, and butterflies, to help you expand your vocabulary and find quick answers to puzzles and queries
  • Discover more on oxforddictionaries.com, Oxford's home for dictionaries and language reference

A handy hardback volume for home, school, or work, the Pocket Oxford Thesaurusfeatures synonyms and antonyms for everyday words, as well as language help. Updated with all the latest must-know vocabulary, and with a completely revised text, this second edition is an invaluable tool for anyone who writes for work, school, or pleasure, or anyone looking for the word on the tip of their tongue. 

The centre section of this thesaurus has been revised and now contains even more lists of nouns, such as insects, fruits, or drinks. This information can help you to broaden your knowledge, or to find the answer you are looking for in a quiz or a puzzle. 

The A-Z text of the thesaurus features usage notes to help you identify frequently confused words, such as affect and effect, or compliment and complement, so that you can avoid common pitfalls when you are writing. This thesaurus also contains Word Link features, helping you to find words that are closely associated with each other. For example, the Word Link at the entrylaw informs you that the words legaljudicial, and juridicial all relate to laws, and the Word Link at darkness reveals that the fear of darkness is called scotophobia

Packed with extra tips and help, and with a completely revised and up-to-date text, the Pocket Oxford Thesaurus is an ideal reference book for anyone who wants to improve their writing.

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