Plato Opera Vol. I: Euthyphro, Apologia, Crito, Phaedo, Cratylus, Theaetetus,Sophista, Politicus (New Edition)

ISBN : 9780198145691

Plato; E. A. Duke; W. F. Hicken; W. S. M. Nicoll; D. B. Robinson; J. C. G. Strachan
604 Pages
129 x 193 mm
Pub date
Sep 1995
Oxford Classical Texts
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Plato is one of the key ancient authors studied by both classicists and philosophers. This volume contains the first eight of Plato's works in the traditional order which appears in most of the manuscripts. The first four, EuthyphroApologyCrito, ahd Phaedo are grouped by their dramatic settings concerned with the death of Socrates. The Apology and Crito display Socrates' philosophical mission. The Euthyphro discusses piety; the Phaedoproves the immortality of the soul by appeal to Plato's Theory of Forms. The second group of dialogues represent Plato's later work and are grouped according to his own indications; The Cratylus discusses language, the Thaetetus knowledge, the Sophist being and negation, and the Politicus statesmanship.
This new edition offers much additional information on the preservation of Plato's text. All primary manuscripts have been checked and in most casesx freshly cololated. Papyrus fragments recently made available that were unknown to previous editors have been in several cases re-examined and their evidence reported, whilst no less important has been the search for previously unreported quotations of Plato in later Greek writers, facilitated by new editions of Neoplatonic writers. All textual problems have been thought through afresh.

About the author: 

E. A. Duke, W. F. Hicken, W. S. M. NicollD. B. Robinson, and J. C. G. Strachan
Edited by E. A. Duke, Lecturer in Classics, University of Otago, W. F. Hicken, formerly Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, W. S. M. Nicoll, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Classics, University of Edinburgh, D. B. Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Classics, Edinburgh University, and J. C. G. Strachan, Lecturer in Classics, University of Edinburgh

A unified project, and executed with notable editorial consistency ... unless there are major new papyrus finds, or the study of ancient Greek revives, it is unlikely that the world will ever have a better text of Plato than this. - Bryn Mawr Classical Review
The first volume of the new Platonis Opera has been long desired ... A special feature of this edition is the thoroughness with which it utilizes the evidence of the indirect tradition - Mark Joyal, Memorial Univ of Newfoundland, Hermathena
No text can satisfy all readers, least of all the text of an author whose meaning has been the subject of fierce argument for almost 2,400 years. But this edition, with its thorough, accurate, and reliable presentation of the evidence, allows the thoughtful user to make his own decisions. It is a worthy successor to Burnet and will be the standard text of the first two tetralogies for a great many years to come. - Mark Joyal, Memorial Univ of Newfoundland, Hermathena

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