The New Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works (Modern Critical Edition)

ISBN : 9780199591152

William Shakespeare; Gary Taylor; John Jowett; Terri Bourus; Gabriel Egan
3392 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Oct 2016
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  • The clearest, most up-to-date text, edited afresh from the original play-texts and poems
  • Presented in modern spelling and punctuation
  • Introductions to each work develop understanding and stimulate discovery
  • On-page notes explain any obscure words, historical references, and changes in the meaning
  • Performance notes underline the fact that these are works written to be staged and performed
  • The poems and plays are treated as equally important, showing the formative relationship between the two
  • More than one hundred illustrations
  • Early musical scores for twenty songs
  • Buying the print edition new gives free (time-limited) access to the complete New Oxford Shakespeare Online.

The Complete Works: Modern Critical Edition is part of the landmark New Oxford Shakespeare—an entirely new consideration of all of Shakespeare's works, edited afresh from all the surviving original versions of his work, and drawing on the latest literary, textual, and theatrical scholarship. 
In one attractive volume, the Modern Critical Edition gives today's students and playgoers the very best resources they need to understand and enjoy all Shakespeare's works. The authoritative text is accompanied by extensive explanatory and performance notes, and innovative introductory materials which lead the reader into exploring questions about interpretation, textual variants, literary criticism, and performance, for themselves. 
The Modern Critical Edition presents the plays and poetry in the order in which Shakespeare wrote them, so that readers can follow the development of his imagination, his engagement with a rapidly evolving culture and theatre, and his relationship to his literary contemporaries. 
The New Oxford Shakespeare consists of four interconnected publications: the Modern Critical Edition (with modern spelling), the Critical Reference Edition (with original spelling), a companion volume on Authorship, and an online version integrating all of this material on OUP's high-powered scholarly editions platform. Together, they provide the perfect resource for the future of Shakespeare studies.


Why Read Shakespeare's Complete Works?, Gary Taylor and Terri Bourus
Why Read This Complete Works?, Gary Taylor and Terri Bourus
The Complete Works
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Tragedy of M. Arden of Faversham; or, The Tragedy of M. Arden of FevershameAnonymous and Shakespeare
The Most Lamentable Roman Tragedy of Titus AndronicusShakespeare and Peele, with an added scene (by Thomas Middleton?)
The Second Part of Henry the Sixth; or, The First Part of the ContentionShakespeare, Marlowe, and Anonymous; revised by Shakespeare
The Third Part of Henry the Sixth; or, The Tragedy of Richard Duke of YorkShakespeare, Marlowe, and Anonymous; revised by Shakespeare
The Taming of the Shrew
The Reign of King Edward the ThirdAnonymous and Shakespeare
The Tragedy of Richard the Third
Venus and Adonis
The Comedy of Errors
A Pleasant Conceited Comedy Called Love's Labour's Lost
Love's Labour's Won: A Lost Play
The Tragedy of King Richard the Second
The First Part of King Henry the Sixth; or, Harry the SixthMarlowe, Nashe, and Anonymous, adapted by Shakespeare
The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Life and Death of King John
The Comical History of the Merchant of Venice; or, The Jew of Venice
The History of Henry the Fourth
The Second Part of Henry the Fourth
Much Ado About Nothing
'To the Queen'
The Passionate PilgrimShakespeare, Barnfield, Griffin, Deloney, Marlowe, Raleigh, and Anonymous
The Life of Henry the Fifth
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
The 1602 Additions to The Spanish TragedyShakespeare (?) and Heywood (?)
As You Like It
The Merry Wives of Windsor
Twelfth Night; or, What You Will
Poems attributed to Shakespeare in seventeenth-century miscellanies
Troilus and Cressida
The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
The Tragedy of Sejanus: A Lost Version, Jonson and Anonymous (Shakespeare?)
Sir Thomas More: Additions by Shakespeare
The Tragedy of Othello; or, The Moor of Venice
Measure for MeasureShakespeare, adapted by Middleton
All's Well that Ends WellShakespeare, adapted by Middleton (?)
King Lear and his Three Daughters
The Life of Timon of AthensShakespeare and Middleton
The Tragedy of MacbethShakespeare, adapted by Middleton
Antony and Cleopatra
Pericles, Prince of TyreShakespeare and Wilkins
The Tragedy of Coriolanus
Shakespeare's Sonnets and A Lover's Complaint
The Winter's Tale
Cymbeline, King of Britain
The Tempest
Fragments of The History of CardenioFletcher and Shakespeare
All Is True; or, The Famous History of the Life of King Henry the EighthFletcher and Shakespeare
The Two Noble KinsmenFletcher and Shakespeare

About the author: 

William Shakespeare
General Editors: Gary Taylor, Distinguished Research Professor, Florida State University, John Jowett, Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Deputy Director, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, Terri Bourus, Professor of Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama, Indiana University, Indianapolis, and Gabriel Egan, Professor of Shakespeare Studies, De Montfort University

Associate Editors: 
Francis X. Connor, Wichita State University
Rory V. Loughnane, Indiana University, Indianapolis
Anna Pruitt, Indiana University, Indianapolis 

Assistant Editors:
Sarah Neville, Ohio State University
Will Sharpe, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham 

Music Editor:
John Cunningham, Bangor University / Prifysgol Bangor 

Research Dramaturgy:
Andrew J. Power, Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus

Additional Commentaries:
Stanley Wells, University of Birmingham / Shakespeare Birthplace Trust 
John V. Nance, Florida State University
Kate McPherson, Utah Valley University

"The Modern Critical Edition is a unique text for students of Shakespeare as it presents, with great clarity, everything they need to develop a deep understanding of Shakespeares works, as well as his contribution to modern culture." - Charlotte Scott, Pedagogy Consultant

"Any good critical introduction to a Shakespeare play will go through the critical history and the reception history. However the way it will do it is in a very long essay form. The idea of the New Oxford Shakespeare introductions is that you get all this criticism really rapid-fire 400 years of criticism right there in front of you, without having to read 100 pages that map it out for you." - Anna Pruitt, Indiana University — Purdue University Indianapolis

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