Cosmopolitan Political Thought: Method, Practice, Discipline

ISBN : 9780199782079

Farah Godrej
224 Pages
149 x 229 mm
Pub date
Oct 2011
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Cosmopolitan Political Thought is a normative argument for applying the idea of cosmopolitanism to the discipline of political theory itself. It is inspired by two recent turns in political thought: the emergence of a normative interest in the idea of cosmopolitanism and a new paradigmatic framework called " The first phenomenon is driven by a recovery of ancient Stoic and Greek claims about the kosmou polites or " The second, related, turn comes from a recognition of the relationship between traditional political theory and non-Western political ideas. Godrej argues that both of these movements suffer from important epistomological gaps. In order to be genuinely cosmopolitian, she states, political theory must not only be more conscious of the thinkers, texts, and concepts that it studies, but it must also approach these texts and concepts through the eyes of those who live and experience them. The result will be a serious challenge to our accepted solutions to political life, and a re-envisioning of our self-understanding and task as political theorists.


Chapter One:
Cosmopolitanism, Comparative Political Theory and Civilizational Alterity
Chapter Two:
Canons, Traditions and Cosmopolitanism: Choosing the " of Analysis
Chapter Three:
Interpreting the Other: the Hermeneutics of Comparative Political Thought
Chapter Four:
" Texts, Our Contexts: Western Problems and Non-Western Solutions
Chapter Five:
Destabilizing Eurocentrism and Reframing Political Inquiry
Chapter Six:
Toward a PostEurocentric Paradigm in a Cosmopolitan Political Thought

About the author: 

Farah Godrej is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of California-Riverside

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