Post-Islamism: The Many Faces of Political Islam

ISBN : 9780199766079

Asef Bayat
368 Pages
235 x 156 mm
Pub date
Aug 2013
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At least since the Islamic revolution of 1979 in Iran, political Islam or Islamism has been the focus of attention among scholars, policymakers, and the general public. Much has been said about Islamism as a political and moral/ethical trend, but scant attention is paid to its ongoing development. There is now a growing acknowledgment within the scholarly and policy communities that Islamism is in the throes of transformation, but little is known about the nature and direction of these changes. The essays of Post-Islamism bring together young and established scholars and activists from different parts of the Muslim World and the West to discuss their research on the changing discourses and practices of Islamist movements and Islamic states largely in the Muslim majority countries. The changes in these movements can be termed 'post-Islamism,' defined both as a condition and a project characterized by the fusion of religiosity and rights, faith and freedom, Islam and liberty. Post-Islamism emphasizes rights rather than merely obligation, plurality instead of singular authoritative voice, historicity rather than fixed scriptures, and the future instead of the past.


Part One: Introduction
Chapter One: Post-Islamism at Large - Asef Bayat
Part Two: Critique From Within
Chapter Two: The Making of Post-Islamist Iran - Asef Bayat
Chapter Three: The AKP and Turkey's Post-Islamist Turn - Ihsan Dagi
Chapter Four: Islam and the Retrenchment of the Secular Turkish State - Cihan Tugal
Chapter Five: Moroccan Post-Islamism: Emerging Trend or Chimera? - Sami Zemni
Chapter Six: Post-Islamist Politics in Indonesia - Noorhaidi Hasan
Part Three: Change in Ambivalence
Chapter Seven: Egypt's Islamism and its Post-Islamist Revolution - Asef Bayat
Chapter Eight: Hizbullah's Infitah: A Post-Islamist Turn? - Joseph Alagha
Part Four: Critique From Without
Chapter Nine: Post-Islamist Strands in Pakistan: Islamist Spin-Offs and Their Contradictory Trajectories - Humeira Iqtidar
Chapter Ten: Saudi Arabia and the Limits of Post-Islamism - Stephane Lacroix
Part Five: Post-Islamism Always
Chapter Eleven: Islamism in Sudan: Before, After, in Between - Abdelwahab El-Affendi
Chapter Twelve: Syria's Un-usual "Islamic Trend": Political Reformists, the Ulama, and Democracy - Thomas Pierret

About the author: 

Professor of Society and Culture of the Modern Middle East, Leiden University

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