Simulation in Radiology

ISBN : 9780199764624

Hugh J. Robertson; John T. Paige; Leonard Bok
336 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Jul 2012
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Simulation-based training (SBT) has long been an important tool for students and trainees in multiple medical specialties given its usefulness in building cognitive and technical skills as well as improving team functional dynamics. Medical educators have recently recognized the need for SBT incorporation in the subspecialty service areas of radiology. Edited and contributed to by leaders of radiology simulation-based training at Louisiana State University School of Medicine, this book is the first of its kind to thoroughly cover such training and education. Concise yet comprehensive, chapters are organized into three sections focusing on key aspects of SBT in radiology, providing a blueprint for radiology educators, program directors, and administrators in designing and implementing an SBT program. The first section provides general considerations of using simulation in training; the second discusses educational principles and testing; and the third presents a summary review of the scientific literature and current work being done in SBT in radiology. For more information on the LSUHSC Radiology Department simulation program, including simulation procedure videos,


Preface and Acknowledgments
Section 1: Simulation Technical Considerations
Chapter 1: Principles of Simulation
Chapter 2: Ethics and Regulations of Cadaver Use in Simulation
Chapter 3: An Overview of Computer Use in Simulation
Chapter 4: Simulation Equipment, Commercial and Non Commercial
Section 2: Simulation in Education
Chapter 5: Educational Principles in Simulation
Chapter 6: Assessment in Simulation
Chapter 7: Building and Incorporating Simulation into a Radiology Residency Program Curriculum
Chapter 8: Development and Operation of a Simulation Laboratory at a Major Medical Center
Section 3: Applying Simulation in Radiology
Chapter 9: Basic Skills: Seldinger Technique and Post Puncture Hemostasis
Chapter 10: Basic Skills: Knot-Tying
Chapter 11: Basic Skills: Biopsies: Core Biopsies and Aspiration Biopsies
Chapter 12: Inter-Professional Team-Based Training
Chapter 13: Team Training and Crisis Management: Contrast Reaction Management
Chapter 14: Simulation Based Training in Intravenous Procedural Moderate Sedation/Analgesia
Chapter 15: Simulation in Emergency Radiology and Workload Management
Chapter 16: Simulation in Neuroradiology
Chapter 17: Simulation in Spinal Pain Management
Chapter 18: Cervical Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections (CTFE)
Chapter 19: Simulation in Musculoskeletal Radiology
Chapter 20: Simulation in Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Chapter 21: Simulation in Cardiothoracic Radiology
Chapter 22: Simulation in Breast Imaging
Chapter 23: Simulation in Abdominal Radiology
Chapter 24: Simulation-Based Training for Pediatric Radiology
Chapter 25: Simulation Based Training for Ultrasound and Computed Tomography Guided Interventional Procedures
Chapter 26: Simulation in Nuclear Medicine Education

About the author: 

Hugh J. Robertson, MD, DMR, FRCPC, FRCR, FACR, is Professor of Clinical Radiology at Louisiana State University School of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Radiology at Tulane University Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. John T. Paige, MD, is Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at Department of Surgery, Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. Leonard Bok, MD, MBA, JD, is Professor of Radiology and Department Head Radiology at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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