Yoga for Singing: A Developmental Tool for Technique and Performance

ISBN : 9780199759415

Judith E. Carman
312 Pages
Spiral Bound
157 x 235 mm
Pub date
May 2012
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The 19th-century Italian singing teacher Giovanni Battista Lamperti once wrote, "'Know thyself' applies to the singer more than to other professions, because to sing well, body, soul, and mind are tuned together." Yoga, with its focus on connecting mind, body, and soul, is a tool that can greatly enhance the art of singing in this very way. In Yoga for Singing, author Judith Carman outlines the many connections between the two arts, presenting a systematic approach to yoga practices to support the development of singing technique as well as to lay a foundation for confident performance and a long and healthy singing career. She demonstrates how closely practices such as physical postures, breathing practices, and deep relaxation techniques match the needs of singers. Included in the book and its extensive companion website are copious illustrations and specific exercises designed to be used by singers and voice teachers, regardless of their level of experience with yoga. With a unique take on technique and performance improvement, this book is an excellent resource for both vocal students and professionals at any stage of their career.


About the Companion Web Site
PART I: Theory and Techniques
Chapter I Yoga and Singing: The Connections
Chapter II Yoga and Singing: The Body
Chapter III Yoga and Singing: The Breath
Chapter IV Yoga and Singing: The Mind
Chapter V Yoga and Singing: The Heart
Chapter VI Yoga and Singing: The Performer
PART II: Practices for Various Needs
Asana Reference Chart
Sequences for Specific Areas of the Body
A Complete Practice for Daily Use
Short Practices for Specific Vocal Deficiencies
Short Practices for Specific Situations
Weight Issues
Appendix: For the Voice Teacher
Yoga for the Private Lesson
Yoga for Singers Classes: Lesson Plan Introductions and Outlines
Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide

About the author: 

Judith E. Carman has taught singing for forty years, practiced yoga for almost twenty years, and taught yoga classes especially designed for singers for a decade.

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