Habits of Change: An Oral History of American Nuns

ISBN : 9780199757060

Carole Garibaldi Rogers
344 Pages
158 x 231 mm
Pub date
Jun 2011
Oxford Oral History Series
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A collection of extraordinary oral histories of American nuns, Habits of Change captures the experiences of women whose lives over the past fifty years have been marked by dramatic transformation. Bringing together women from more than forty different religious communities, most of whom entered religious life before Vatican II, the book shows how their lives were suddenly turned around in the 1960s-perhaps more so than any other group of contemporary women. Here these women speak of their active engagement in the events that disrupted their church and society and of the lives they lead today, offering their unique perspective on issues such as peace activism, global equality for women, and the clergy sexual abuse crisis. The interviewees include a Maryknoll missionary who spent decades in Africa, most recently in the Congo; an inner-city art teacher whose own paintings reflect the vibrancy of Haiti; a recovering alcoholic who at age 71 has embarked on her fourth ministry; a life-long nurse, educator, and hospital administrator; and an outspoken advocate for the gay and lesbian community. Told with simplicity, honesty, and passion, their stories deserve to be heard.


1. In the Schools
2. Missionary Work
3. In Hospitals and Clinics
4. Serving the Undeserved
5. Pastoral Work
6. Spiritual Companions
7. In the Cloister
8. On the Cutting Edge
9. Encounters with Judaism
10. The Creative Dimension
11. Two African-American Voices
12. Structures and Fissures
13. Summoned to Lead
14. The Decision to Leave
15. Staying the Course
16. Living in the Present
17. Envisioning the Future

About the author: 

Carole Garibaldi Rogers has been an oral historian for more than 20 years. Her research and writing focus on the intersection of women and religion.

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