The Oxford Handbook of Recruitment

ISBN : 9780199756094

Kang Yang Trevor Yu; Daniel M. Cable
560 Pages
184 x 258 mm
Pub date
Oct 2013
Oxford Library of Psychology
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The past 40 years have established recruitment as a fundamental area of research to both researchers and practitioners. No longer is recruitment viewed as simply another component of human resource management but rather a strategic tool with wide-ranging implications for organizations. To this extent investigations on the subject have drawn upon diverse perspectives from economics to marketing, highlighting recruitment's links with multiple aspects of organizational functioning such as selection, onboarding, organizational culture, job performance, and turnover. The goal of this handbook is to provide an integrative and comprehensive summary of the state of recruitment research. It is hoped that by providing insight to both theoretical and empirical underpinnings of the topic this volume will focus readers to the important issues affecting our understanding and application of recruitment concepts; and provide structure toward current thinking and future exploration of the field. In the spirit of investigative inquiry, the book's chapters are organized according to the questions they answer about the nature of recruitment: Who is involved in recruitment; What do these stakeholders do; When do recruitment phenomenon occur; Where does recruitment take place; Why does recruitment influence various stakeholders in the process; and finally, how is recruitment investigated? Aimed at both potential and existing recruiters, the expert contributions included in this handbook serve as a springboard to energize and focus future endeavour in recruitment, an increasingly pertinent driver of individual and organizational success.


1. Investigating Recruitment: An Introduction
Kang Yang Trevor Yu and Daniel M. Cable
2. Strategic Recruiting
Robert E. Ployhart and Youngsang Kim
3. Recruiter Effects and Recruitment Outcomes
Mary L. Connerley
4. Applicant Reactions
John P. Hausknecht
5. Recruitment and Job Choice
Crystal M. Harold, Krista L. Uggerslev, and David Kraichy
6. Volunteer Recruitment
Edwin J. Boezeman and Naomi Ellemers
7. Recruiting Older Workers: Realities and Needs of the Future Workforce
Barbara L. Rau and Gary A. Adams
8. Targeted Recruiting: Identifying Future Employees
Sabrina D. Volpone, Kecia M. Thomas, Paula Sinisterra, and Lindsay Johnson
9. Job Search and Emotions
Cynthia Kay Stevens and Myeong-Gu Seo
10. Recruitment Source Implications for Organizational Tenure
Ingo Weller, Agnes Michalik, and Daniel Muhlbauer
11. Strategic Recruitment: A Multilevel Perspective
Stanley M. Gully, Jean M. Phillips, and Mee Sook Kim
12. Research Design in Evaluating Recruitment Effectiveness: Past, Present, Future
Kevin D. Carlson and Ross L. Mecham III
13. Recruitment Sources: A Review of Outcomes
Rodger W. Griffeth, Allison Tenbrink, and Sean Robinson
14. Word-of-Mouth as a Recruitment Source: An Integrative Model
Greet Van Hoye
15. Recruitment: The Role of Job Advertisements
H. Jack Walker and Amanda S. Hinojosa
16. Employer Brand Equity and Recruitment Research
Christopher J. Collins and Adam M. Kanar
17. Corporate Social Performance, Organizational Reputation, and Recruitment
David A. Jones and Chelsea R. Willness
18. Impression Management during the Recruitment Process
Wei-Chi Tsai and Tun-Chun Huang
19. The History of Recruitment Research
Sara L. Rynes, Cody J. Reeves, and Todd C. Darnold
20. Establishing Recruitment Objectives and Developing a Recruitment Strategy for Attaining Them
James A. Breaugh
21. Internet Recruiting 2.0: Shifting Paradigms
Brian R. Dineen and David G. Allen
22. Recruitment: International Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Jane K. Miller and Grace Chun Guo
23. Realistic Job Previews: Past, Present, and Future
Ronald S. Landis, David R. Earnest, and David G. Allen
24. The Goldilocks Pursuit during Organizational Entry: Applicants' and Recruiters' Search for the "Perfect Fit"
Amy L. Kristof-Brown, Cody J. Reeves, and Elizabeth H. Follmer
25. You Will Be Known by The Company You Keep: Understanding the Social Identity Concerns of Job-Seekers
Nathan T. Carter and Scott Highhouse
26. How Do You Study Recruitment? A Consideration of the Issues and Complexity of Designing and Conducting Recruitment Research
Alan M. Saks
27. Why Minority Recruiting Doesn't Often Work, and What Can Be Done About It: Applicant Qualifications and the 4-Group Model of Targeted Recruiting
Daniel A. Newman, Kisha S. Jones, R. Chris Fraley, Julie S. Lyon, and Kevin M. Mullaney
28. Rethinking Recruitment: A Look to the Future
Daniel M. Cable and Kang Yang Trevor Yu

About the author: 

Kang Yang Trevor Yu, , is Assistant Professor in Organizational Behaviour in the Division of Strategy, Management, and Organization at the Nanyang Business School. Daniel M. Cable, is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School.

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