Ecology of Plant-Derived Smoke: Its Use in Seed Germination

ISBN : 9780199755936

Lara Jefferson; Marcello Pennacchio; Kayri Havens-Young
336 Pages
163 x 241 mm
Pub date
Mar 2014
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Ecology of Plant-Derived Smoke is the continuation of the research and discussion presented in Uses & Abuses of Plant-Derived Smoke, published in 2010. Both books are the first of their kind in what is now an ever-expanding and exciting field of research. This volume focuses on the use of plant-derived smoke as a tool, used for promoting seed germination and growth. Our ancestors may have used smoke in this capacity for centuries. Only recently has the scientific community delved into understanding the ecology of smoke as a seed dormancy-breaking mechanism in fire-prone environments. Most research to date has focused on the fire-prone Mediterranean environments of the western U.S.A., Western Australia and South Africa. These environments are among the richest floristic regions in the world, and require ecological understanding in order to be managed properly. This includes knowledge of that role that smoke plays in these ecosystems. Ecology of Plant Derived Smoke presents accounts of 1355 species of plants, from 120 families, whose seed have been tested for their response to aerosol smoke, smoke water, and plant-derived smoke. Each account includes a short summary of research findings, along with any other relevant information. Ecology of Plant-Derived Smoke is a comprehensive resource for ecologists seeking to understand the properties of smoke as they relate to ecosystems.


Chemicals that affect germination
Multiple Cues
Mechanisms of Action
Plant Growth and Vigor
Methods for Applying Smoke
Conservation and Land Management and Other Implications
List of Plants
Subject Index
Species Index
Index of Common Names

About the author: 

Marcello Pennacchio, Lara Jefferson, and Kayri Havens-Young are plant ecologists affiliated with the Chicago Botanic Garden.

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