The Oxford Handbook of African American Theology

ISBN : 9780199755653

Anthony B. Pinn; Katie Geneva Cannon
540 Pages
177 x 251 mm
Pub date
Aug 2014
Oxford Handbooks in Religion and Theology
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African American theology has a long and important history. With modern roots in the civil rights movements of the 1960s, African American theology has gone beyond issues of justice and social transformation to participate in broader dialogues of theological inquiry. The Oxford Handbook of African American Theology brings together leading scholars in the field to offer a critical and comprehensive analysis of this theological tradition in its many forms and contexts. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this Oxford Handbook examines the nature, structures, and functions of African American Theology. The volume surveys the field by highlighting its sources, doctrines, internal debates, current challenges, and future prospects in order to present key topics related to the wider palette of Black Religion in a sustained scholarly format. This formative collection presents current scholarship on African American Theology and scripture, eschatology, Christology, womanist theology, sexuality, ontology, the global economy, and much more. The contributors represent a diverse set of faith perspectives, adding to the layered discourses within the volume. These essays further important discussions on the pressing debates and challenges that shape black and womanist theologies.


Anthony B. Pinn and Katie G. Cannon
Section One: Sources
Chapter One - African American History and African American Theology - Stephen C. Finley
Chapter Two - Reading and Using Scripture in the African American Tradition - Allen Callahan
Chapter Three - African American Religious Experience - M. Shawn Copeland
Chapter Four - The African American Christian Tradition - Sylvester Johnson
Chapter Five - Culture/Cultural Production and African American Theology - Clarence E. Hardy, III
Chapter Six - Reason in African American Theology - Terrence L. Johnson
Chapter Seven - Theoretical Commitments in African American Theology - Edward P. Antonio
Chapter Eight - Methodologies in African American Theology - Frederick L. Ware
Section Two: Doctrines
Chapter Nine - Doctrine of God in African American Theology - Keri Day
Chapter Ten - Christology in African American Theology - Diane L. Hayes
Chapter Eleven - Holy Spirit in African American Theology - James H. Evans, Jr.
Chapter Twelve - Humanity in African American Theology - J. Cameron Carter
Chapter Thirteen - World/Creation in African American Theology - Torin Alexander
Chapter Fourteen - Liberation in African American Theology - Juan Floyd-Thomas
Chapter Fifteen - Evil and Sin in African American Theology - Larry Murphy
Chapter Sixteen - Church in African American Theology - R. Drew Smith
Chapter Seventeen - Eschatology in African American Theology - Derek S. Hicks
Chapter Eighteen - Heaven and Hell in African American Theology - Eboni Marshall Turman
Section Three: Internal Debates
Chapter Nineteen - Womanist Theology as Corrective to African American Theology - Cheryl Kirk-Duggan
Chapter Twenty - Humanism in African American Theology - Anthony B. Pinn
Chapter Twenty-One - Audiences of Accountability in African American Theology - Dennis W. Wiley
Chapter Twenty-Two - Embodiment in African American Theology - Stephanie Y. Mitchem
Chapter Twenty-Three - Pedagogical Praxis in African American Theology - Katie G. Cannon
Chapter Twenty-Four - Religious Pluralism and African American Theology - Dianne Diakite
Chapter Twenty-Five - Sexuality in African American Theology - Horace Griffin
Section Four: Ongoing Challenges
Chapter Twenty-Six - The Problem of History in African American Theology - Lewis R. Gordon
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Social Theory and African American Theology - Corey D. B. Walker
Chapter Twenty-Eight - Black Ontology and Theology - Victor Anderson
Chapter Twenty-Nine - African American Theology and the Global Economy - Anthony G. Reddie
Chapter Thirty - African American Theology and the American Hemisphere - Josef Sorett
Chapter Thirty-One - The African in African American Theology - Peter J. Paris
Section Five: Prospects for the Future
Chapter Thirty-Two - Prosperity Gospel and African American Theology - Jonathan L. Walton
Chapter Thirty-Three - African American Theology and the Public Imaginary - Willie Jennings
Chapter Thirty-Four - Cultural Boundaries and African American Theology - Emilie M. Townes

About the author: 

Katie G. Cannon is Annie Scales Rogers Professor of Christian Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education. Anthony B Pinn is Agnes Cullen Arnold Professor of Humanities and Professor of Religious Studies at Rice University.

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