Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health: Translating Science to Practice

ISBN : 9780199751877

Ross C. Brownson; Graham A. Colditz; Enola K. Proctor
560 Pages
162 x 241 mm
Pub date
Apr 2012
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Fifteen to twenty years is how long it takes for the billions of dollars of university-based research to translate into evidence-based policies and programs suitable for public use. Over the past decade, an exciting science has emerged that seeks to narrow the gap between the discovery of new knowledge and its application in public health, mental health, and health care settings. Dissemination and implementation (D&I) research seeks to understand how to best apply scientific advances in the real world, by focusing on pushing the evidence-based knowledge base out into routine use. To help propel this crucial field forward, leading D&I scholars and researchers have collaborated to put together this volume to address a number of key issues, including: how to evaluate the evidence base on effective interventions; which strategies will produce the greatest impact; how to design an appropriate study; and how to track a set of essential outcomes. D&I studies must also take into account the barriers to uptake of evidence-based interventions in the communities where people live their lives and the social service agencies, hospitals, and clinics where they receive care. The challenges of moving research to practice and policy are universal, and future progress calls for collaborative partnerships and cross-country research. The fundamental tenet of D&I research-taking what we know about improving health and putting it into practice-must be the highest priority. This book is nothing less than a roadmap that will have broad appeal to researchers and practitioners in epidemiology, biostatistics, behavioral science, economics, medicine, social work, psychology, and anthropology.


Section 1: Background
1. The promise and challenges of dissemination and implementation research (Graham A. Colditz)
2. Developing the terminology for dissemination and implementation research in health (Borsika A. Rabin, Ross C. Brownson)
Section 2: Theory and approaches
3. Historical roots of dissemination and implementation science (James W. Dearing, Kerk F. Kee)
4. Comparative effectiveness to accelerate translation: Recommendations for an emerging field of science (Russell E. Glasgow, John F. Steiner)
5. The role of economic evaluation in dissemination and implementation research (Ramesh Raghavan)
6. Designing for dissemination of environmental and policy initiatives and programs for high-risk groups (Neville Owen, Ana Goode, Brianna Fjeldsoe, Takemi Sugiyama, Elizabeth Eakin)
7. The role of organizational processes in dissemination and implementation research (Gregory A. Aarons, Jonathan D. Horowitz, Lauren R. Dlugosz, Mark G. Ehrhart)
8. Viewing dissemination and implementation research through a network lens (Douglas A. Luke)
9. Systems thinking in dissemination and implementation research (Bev J. Holmes, Diane T. Finegood, Barbara L. Riley, Allan Best)
10. Participatory approaches for dissemination and implementation research (Meredith Minkler, Alicia L. Salvatore)
11. Enhancing dissemination through marketing and distribution systems: A vision for public health (Matthew W. Kreuter, Christopher M. Casey, Jay M. Bernhardt)
Section 3: Design and analysis
12. Design and analysis of dissemination and implementation research (John Landsverk, C. Hendricks Brown, Patricia Chamberlain, Lawrence Palinkas, Mitsunori Ogihara, Sara Czaja, Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, Jennifer A. Rolls Reutz, Sarah McCue Horowitz)
13. Measurement issues in dissemination and implementation research (Enola K. Proctor, Ross C. Brownson)
14. Fidelity and its relationship to implementation effectiveness, adaptation and dissemination (Jennifer D. Allen, Laura A. Linnan, Karen M. Emmons)
15. Furthering dissemination and implementation research: The need for more attention to external validity (Lawrence W. Green, Mona Nasser)
16. Evaluation approaches for dissemination and implementation research (Bridget Gaglio, Russell E. Glasgow)
Section 4: Setting- and population-specific dissemination and implementation
17. Community and public health settings (Katherine A. Stamatakis, Cynthia A. Vinson, Jon F. Kerner)
18. Social service delivery settings (Curtis McMillen)
19. Implementation science in health care (Brian S. Mittman)
20. Health dissemination and implementation within schools (Rebekka Lee, Steven Gortmaker)
21. Policy dissemination research (Elizabeth A. Dodson, Ross C. Brownson, Stephen M. Weiss)
22. Dissemination and implementation research in populations with health disparities (Antronette (Toni) Yancey, Beth A. Glenn, LaShawnta Bell-Lewis, Chandra L. Ford)
23. Setting-specific cultural adaptation (Luis H. Zayas, Jennifer L. Bellamy, Enola K. Proctor)
24. The path forward in dissemination and implementation research (Ross C. Brownson, Mariah Dreisinger, Graham A. Colditz, Enola K. Proctor)

About the author: 

Ross C. Brownson, PhD, is Professor and Co-Director of the Prevention Research Center in St. Louis, at the School of Medicine and George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis. Graham A. Colditz, MD, DrPH, is Niess-Gain Professor of Surgery and Associate Director of Prevention and Control at the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center, School of Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis. Enola K. Proctor, PhD, is Frank J. Bruno Professor of Social Work Research at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis.

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