The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy

ISBN : 9780199744671

Sheldon Kamieniecki; Michael B. Kraft
792 Pages
187 x 249 mm
Pub date
Nov 2012
Oxford Handbooks in Political Science and International Relations
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Prior to the Nixon administration, environmental policy in the United States was rudimentary at best. Since then, it has evolved into one of the primary concerns of governmental policy from the federal to the local level. As scientific expertise on the environment rapidly developed, Americans became more aware of the growing environmental crisis that surrounded them. Practical solutions for mitigating various aspects of the crisis - air pollution, water pollution, chemical waste dumping, strip mining, and later global warming - became politically popular, and the government responded by gradually erecting a vast regulatory apparatus to address the issue. Today, politicians regard environmental policy as one of the most pressing issues they face. The Obama administration has identified the renewable energy sector as a key driver of economic growth, and Congress is in the process of passing a bill to reduce global warming that will be one of the most important environmental policy acts in decades. The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy will be a state-of-the-art work on all aspects of environmental policy in America. Over the past half century, America has been the world's leading emitter of global warming gases. However, environmental policy is not simply a national issue. It is a global issue, and the explosive growth of Asian countries like China and India mean that policy will have to be coordinated at the international level. The book will therefore focus not only on the U.S., but on the increasing importance of global policies and issues on American regulatory efforts. This is a topic that will only grow in importance in the coming years, and this will serve as an authoritative guide to any scholar interested in the issue.


Part 1. Introduction
1. The Evolution of Research on U.S. Environmental Policy
Sheldon Kamieniecki & Michael E. Kraft
Part 2. The Evolution of Environmental Policy:
Major Concepts, Ideas, and Movements
2. Environmental Politics and Policy in Historical Perspective
Richard N.L. Andrews
3. Green Political Ideas and Environmental Policy
4. Evolving Concepts of Sustainability in Environmental Policy
Lamont C. Hempel
5. Ethical Challenges in Environmental Policy
Robert C. Paehlke
6. Environmental Security and U.S. Politics
Richard A. Matthew
Part 3. Governing Capacity and Environmental Challenges
7. Capacity for Governance: Innovation and the Challenge of the Third Era
Walter A. Rosenbaum
8. U.S. Climate Change Politics: Federalism and Complexity
Henrik Selin & Stacy D. VanDeveer
9. Sustainable Development and Governance
10. United States International Environmental Policy
Elizabeth R. DeSombre
11. Global Environmental Policymaking
Kate O'Neill
Part 4. Government Institutions and Policymaking
12. Courts, Legal Analysis, and Environmental Policy
Timothy P. Duane
13. Congress and Environmental Policy
Michael E. Kraft
14. The American Presidency and Environmental Policy
Norman J. Vig
15. Environmental Bureaucracies: The Environmental Protection Agency
Daniel J. Fiorino
16. Bureaucracy and Natural Resources Policy
Craig W. Thomas
17. Defining Environmental Rulemaking
18. Environmental Federalism and the Role of State and Local Governments
Denise Scheberle
19. The Promise and Performance of Collaborative Governance
Andrea K. Gerlak, Tanya Heikkila, & Mark Lubell
Part 5. The Role of Informal Political Actors
20. Issue Framing, Agenda Setting, and Environmental Discourse
Deborah Lynn Guber & Christopher J. Bosso
21. Public Opinion on Environmental Policy in the United States: A Bouquet of Multiple Dimensions
David P. Daniels, Jon A. Krosnick, Michael P. Tichy, & Trevor Tompson
22. Public Participation, Citizen Engagement, and Environmental Decision Making
Dorothy M. Daley
23. Organized Interests and Environmental Policy
Robert J. Duffy
24. Parties, Campaigns, and Elections: Their Influence on Environmental Politics and Policymaking
Part 6. Policy Approaches and Analytic Tools
25. The Role of Market Incentives in Environmental Policy
Sheila M. Olmstead
26. Flexible Approaches to Environmental Regulation
Lori S. Bennear & Cary Coglianese
27. Ecosystem-Based Management and Restoration
Judith A. Layzer
28. The Use of Strategic Planning, Information, and Analysis in Environmental Policymaking and Management
Steven Cohen
29. Environmental Policy and Science
William Ascher & Toddi A. Steelman
30. Environmental Policy Evaluation and the Prospects for Public Learning
Part 7: Conclusion
31. Research on U.S. Environmental Policy in the New Century
Michael E. Kraft & Sheldon Kamieniecki

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MK: Professor and Chair of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay SK: Professor of Poltiical Science and Dean of Social Scienes, UC-Santa Cruz

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