On Emotions: Philosophical Essays

ISBN : 9780199740192

John Deigh
256 Pages
162 x 237 mm
Pub date
Mar 2013
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This volume brings together philosophical essays on emotions by eleven leading thinkers in the field. The essays cover a variety of topics that relate emotions to humor, opera, theater, justice, war, death, our intellectual life, authenticity, personal identity, self-knowledge, and science. Several break new ground in the field. Others extend and deepen work for which their authors are well-known. All but two of the essays are new. Contributors include Noel Carroll, Martha Nussbaum, Paul Woodruff, Laurence Thomas, Kathleen Higgins, Michael Stocker, Nancy Sherman, Jerome Neu, Charles Nussbaum, and Robert Roberts. The book honors the memory of Robert C. Solomon, whose influential work in the philosophy of emotions helped mold the field for over three decades. An introductory essay explains the development and importance of Solomon's thought in this field.


John Deigh
Chapter 1
Justice as an Emotion Disposition
Robert C. Roberts
Chapter 2
Equality and Love at the End of the Marriage of Figaro: Forging Democratic Emotions
Martha C. Nussbaum
Chapter 3
Spectator Emotions
Paul Woodruff
Chapter 4
Comic Amusement, Emotion, and Cognition
Noel Carroll
Chapter 5
Intellectual and Other Nonstandard Emotions
Michael Stocker
Chapter 6
Authenticity and the Examined Life
Jerome Neu
Chapter 7
Self-Knowledge and the Affirmation of Love
Laurence Thomas
Chapter 8
Love and Death
Kathleen Marie Higgins
Chapter 9
Guilt in War
Nancy Sherman
Chapter 10
Emotions and Personal Identity
Charles Nussbaum
Chapter 11
The Emergence of Emotion as an Object of Scientific Study
John Deigh

About the author: 

John Deigh is Professor of Philosophy and of Law at the University of Texas, Austin

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