The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics

ISBN : 9780199739356

Peri J Bearman; Sohail H Hashmi; Khaled Keshk; Joseph A Kechichian; Emad El-Din Shahin
1452 Pages
275 x 385 mm
Pub date
Feb 2014
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics provides in-depth coverage of the political dimensions of Islam and the Muslim world. Developments in Muslim societies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have highlighted the need for a major reference work focusing primarily on these dimensions. The realization of internal decay and relentless quest for reform, the collapse of the Islamic caliphate, the fall of most parts of the Muslim world under western colonialism, the emergence of nation-states, the dominance of secular ideologies, the rise of Islamic revivalist movements and faith-based political, economic, and social alternatives, the confrontation between Islamic movements and secular inspired regimes have constituted major turning points in the contemporary history of Muslim societies. At no time has the understanding of the nature and implications of these developments been needed more. Based on the highly acclaimed 2009 publication, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics brings together over 400 new and updated entries to create a single, specialized reference source on this important topic.


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About the author: 

Emad El-Din Shahin is a Professor at The American University in Cairo. Shahin's research looks at the foundations for democracy and political reform within Islamic law, philosophy, and political practice. His books include Contemporary Islamic Movements in North Africa, and Through Muslim Eyes: Muhammad Rashid Rida and the West, as well as the co-edited volumes The Struggle over Democracy in the Middle East and The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics, written with John L. Esposito.

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