Quality and Safety in Radiology

ISBN : 9780199735754

Hani H. Abujudeh; Michael A. Bruno
384 Pages
179 x 254 mm
Pub date
Mar 2012
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Radiology has been transformed by new imaging advances and a greater demand for imaging, along with a much lower tolerance for error as part of the Quality & Safety revolution in healthcare. With a greater emphasis on patient safety and quality in imaging practice, imaging specialists are increasingly charged with ensuring patient safety and demonstrating that everything done for patients in their care meets the highest quality and safety standards. This book offers practical guidance on understanding, creating, and implementing quality management programs in Radiology. Chapters are comprehensive, detailed, and organized into three sections: Core Concepts, Management Concepts, and Educational & Special Concepts. Discussions are applicable to all practice settings: community hospitals, private practice, academic radiology, and government/military practice, as well as to those preparing for the quality and safety questions on the American Board of Radiology's "Maintenance of Certification" or initial Board Certification Examinations. Bringing together the various elements that comprise the quality and safety agenda for Radiology, this book serves as a thorough roadmap and resource for radiologists, technicians, and radiology managers and administrators.


I. Core Concepts in Radiology Quality and Safety
1. Basic Definitions
2. Components of a Comprehensive Radiology Quality, Safety and Performance Improvement Program
3. Primum non nocere: A Few Words on the Primacy of Patient Safety
4. Practical Quality Assurance
5. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (RFMEA)
6. Patient Perspectives on Service and Quality in Clinical Imaging
7. Just Culture - A Shared Commitment
8. Communication of Radiology Results
9. Teamwork and Communication in Radiology
10. The Joint Commission, National Patient Safety Goals and Radiology: Making the Grade
11. Errors in Radiology
12. The Role of the Apology in Radiology
13. Universal Protocols and the Checklist
14. Peer Review in Radiology
15. Radiation Dose in Medical Imaging-Clinical and Technological Strategies for Dose Reduction
II. Management Concepts in Radiology Quality & Safety
16. Key Performance Indicators in Radiology
17. Six Sigma and LEAN: Opportunities for Healthcare to Do More and Better with Less
18. Stakeholder Management & Best Practices
19. Assessing Physician Performance
20. Predicting System Performance
21. Control Charts and Dashboards
22. Governmental and Outside Agencies' Influence on Radiology Quality
23. Pay for Performance and Quality in Radiology
24. ACR Appropriateness Criteria
III. Educational & Special Concepts in Radiology Quality & Safety
25. Teaching Quality and Safety to Radiology Residents and Fellows
26. Simulation
27. Evidence-Based Radiology and its Relationship with Quality
28. Quality in Pediatric Imaging
29. Quality in Interventional Radiology
30. Pregnancy in Radiology
Afterword: Quality and Ethics - Richard Gunderman and Jordan Swensson

About the author: 

Hani H. Abujudeh, MD, is Director of Quality Assurance, Department of Radiology, at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Michael A. Bruno, MD, is Associate Professor of Radiology and Medicine and Director of Quality Services and Patient Safety, Department of Radiology, at Penn State Hershey College of Medicine in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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