The Oxford Edition of Dicey

ISBN : 9780199685820

A. V. Dicey; J. W. F. Allison
976 Pages
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180 x 251 mm
Pub date
Oct 2013
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  • Includes a landmark scholarly edition of Dicey's classic The Law of the Constitution, revealing how the text evolved during Dicey's lifetime
  • Includes the text of Dicey's largely unpublished lectures on comparative constitutionalism
  • Editor's Introductions to both volumes clarify Dicey's constitutional thought and provide a context for how he intended his work to be used in the teaching of constitutional law

The Oxford Edition of Dicey provides sources with which to reassess the extraordinary authority and lasting influence of Dicey's canonical text Lectures Introductory to the Study of the Law of the Constitution. The first volume consists of Dicey's rare first edition in its original form and of the main addenda in later editions. It facilitates a historical understanding of Dicey's original text in its context and of later changes when they were made. In introducing the first volume, J.W.F. Allison reassesses The Law of the Constitution's authority and the kinds of response it has elicited in view of its original educative form and educational context. The volume also includes Dicey's inaugural lecture and his revisionist article pulbished in 1915 examining the development of administrative law in England.
Volume Two,Comparative Constitutionalism, provides a complement to Dicey's The Law of the Constitution. These largely unpublished comparative constitutional lectures were written for different versions of a comparative constitutional book that Dicey began but did not finish prior to his death in 1922. The lectures were a pioneering venture into comparative constitutionalism and reveal an approach to legal education broader than Dicey is widely understood to have taken. Topics discussed include English, French, American, and Prussian constitutionalism; the separation of powers; representative government; and federalism. The volume begins with an editorial introduction examining the implications of these comparative lectures and Dicey's early foray into comparative constitutionalism for his general constitutional thought, and the kinds of response it has elicited. 
These two volumes collect together the main body of work from one of the most influential constitutional law theorists in the field. It is essential reading for any student of English and comparative constitutional thought.


VOLUME I: The Law of the Constitution
Editor's Introduction, J.W.F. Allison
Part I: Lectures Introductory to the Study of the Law of the Constitution (First Edition)

1: The True Nature of Constitutional Law
2: The Sovereignty of Parliament
3: Comparison between Parliament and Non-Sovereign Law-Making Bodies
4: Parliamentary Sovereignty and Federalism
5: The Rule of Law: Its Nature
6: The Rule of Law: Its Applications
7: The Rule of Law: Its Applications (2)
8: The Connection between the Law of the Constitution and the Conventions of the Constitution
Part II: Addenda in Later Editions of the Law of the Constitution Appendices

Dicey's Inaugural Lecture
Dicey's Revisionist Article
VOLUME II: The Comparative Study of Constitutions
Editor's Introduction, J.W.F. Allison
Part I: The Comparative Study of the Constitution
1: General Characteristics of Existing English Constitutionalism (May 1897)
2: Constitutionalism of the Commonwealth (June 1897)
3: English Constitutionalism under George III (undated)
4: American Constitutionalism (May 1897)
5: French Constitutionalism (May 1897) (with Appendix, Droit Administratif and Constitution of Year VIII, Art. 75)
6: Prussian Constitutionalism (May 1897)
7: Party Government (July 1898)
8: Parliamentarism (August 1898)
9: General Conclusions (May 1897)
Part II: The Comparative Study of Constitutions
1: Historical and Non-Historical Constitutions
2: Ancient Constitutionalism and Modern Constitutionalism
3: Representative Government
4: The Separation of Powers
5: Divisions of Constitutions
6: The Judiciary in Relation to the Executive and Legislative Powers
7: Local Government and Centralization
8: Federal Government
9: ederal Government (continued): The Australian Commonwealth
I: Memorandum on English Party System of Government
II: Lecture 4: Comparison of English Executive with other Executives or Parliamentary and Non-Parliamentary Executives
III: Note 2: Self Government and Note 3: Self Government and Local Self Government
IV: Modes of Changing or Amending a Constitution
V: Authorities and Questions for The Comparative Study of Constitutions
VI: Note 17: Conclusions as to Droit Administratif
VII: Why Universal Suffrage Suits France
VIII: Scheme of Lectures, 1906
IX: Scheme of Lectures, 1908

About the author: 

A.V. Dicey, former Vinerian Professor of English Law, University of Oxford (1882-1909)
Edited by J.W.F. Allison, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge

Albert Venn Dicey (1835-1922) was Vinerian Professor of English Law at the University of Oxford and the pre-eminent constitutional lawyer of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution ran to eight editions in his lifetime and remains one of the canonical texts in the history of English constitutional law.
John Allison is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge. He previously taught at the Universities of Chicago, London, and Cape Town and is the author of two books, A Continental Distinction in the Common Law: A Historical and Comparative Perspective on English Public Law (OUP 1996) and The English Historical Constitution: Continuity, Change and European Effects (CUP 2007).

"This two-volume set is an outstanding scholarly edition of Dicey's classic work The Law of the Constitution... [It] should be in every research and law library, for it will prove required reading for any scholar seriously working on English constitutionalism and Dicey's thought... Highly recommended." - Patrick N. Malcolmson, St. Thomas University

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