The IMLI Manual on International Maritime Law: Volume I: The Law of the Sea

ISBN : 9780199683925

David Attard; Malgosia Fitzmaurice; Norman Martinez
800 Pages
187 x 256 mm
Pub date
Nov 2014
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This three-volume Manual on International Maritime Law presents a systematic analysis of the history and contemporary development of international maritime law by leading contributors from across the world. Prepared in cooperation with the International Maritime Law Institute, the International Maritime Organization's research and training institute, this a uniquely comprehensive study of this fundamental area of international law. Volume I: The Law of the Sea addresses the major issues which arise in the law of the sea. It provides a detailed understanding of the historical development of the law of the sea; the role of the International Maritime Organization; the law surrounding maritime zones; the legal regime of islands; the international sea-bed area; the legal regime governing marine scientific research; the rights and obligations of land-locked and geographically disadvantaged states; the legal regime of Arctic and Antarctic; and the settlements of disputes. This volume also considers the ways in which human rights and the law of the sea interact. The forthcoming Volume II will address shipping law; Volume III will provide analysis of marine environmental law and maritime security law. The full three-volume Manual will set out the entirety of international maritime law, re-stating and re-examining its fundamental principles, how it is enacted, and the issues that are shaping its future. It will be a superlative resource for those working with or studying this area of law.


Introduction To The Manual: Historical Development Of International Maritime Law
1. Costal Waters
2. Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone
3. Straits Used for International Navigation
4. The Regime of Islands and Rocks
5. Archipelagic States: From Concept to Law
6. The Continental Shelf
7. The Exclusive Economic Zone
8. Sui Generis Zones
9. The High Seas
10. The International Seabed Area
11. International Law Concerning Maritime Boundary Delimitation
12. The Conservation of Marine Living Resources under International Law: The 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and Beyond
13. Genetic Resources of the Sea
14. Marine Scientific Research
15. Land-Locked and Geographically Disadvantaged States
16. Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: The UNCLOS and 2001 UNESCO Convention
17. The Legal Regime of the Arctic
18. The Legal Regime of the Antarctic
19. Human Rights and the Law of the Sea
20. The Settlement of Disputes
21. The International Maritime Organization and the Law of the Sea
22. The United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
23. The Contribution of the International Court of Justice to the Law of the Sea
24. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

About the author: 

David Attard, International Maritime Law Institute; Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Queen Mary, University of London; Norman A. Martinez Gutierrez, International Maritime Law Institute

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