Johann Heinrich Hottinger: Arabic and Islamic Studies in the Seventeenth Century

ISBN : 9780199682140

Jan Loop
288 Pages
144 x 223 mm
Pub date
Dec 2013
Oxford-Warburg Studies
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The Reformed Church historian and orientalist Johann Heinrich Hottinger (1620-1667) is a key figure in the history of Arabic and Islamic studies in early modern Europe. His life and his work have been almost completely neglected and there has never been a full-length study on Hottinger. This book presents a thorough documentation of Hottinger's Arabic and Islamic studies. Based on printed books and a great number of unpublished and hitherto unknown manuscripts, the book assesses his scholarship in the context of seventeenth-century oriental studies and confessional rivalries. The book contains a biographical account of Hottinger and inserts him into the Zurich tradition of oriental studies, which can be traced back to Theodor Bibliander and Konrad Pellikan in the sixteenth century. It gives an account of his years as a student of Jacobus Golius in Leiden, where Hottinger copied and collected an impressive number of Arabic manuscripts on which he later based his teaching and his publications. The book explores Hottinger's network in the Protestant Republic of Letters and it contains studies of his activities as a bibliographer of Arabic texts, as a teacher of the Arabic language, as a linguist who promoted a comparative approach to oriental languages, as a student of the history of Islam and as a Protestant who used his knowledge of Arabic and of Islam in the theological debates of the time.


1. Ioh. Henricus Hottingerus Tigurinus
2. Arabic and Islamic Studies in Zurich and Heidelberg
3. Defenders of the Truth
4. Mapping the Literary History of the Orient
5. Islam and the History of the Church

About the author: 

Jan Loop is a lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Kent and the academic coordinator of the Centre for the History of Arabic Studies in Europe (CHASE) at the Warburg Institute, London. His teaching and research interests are in the intellectual, religious and cultural history of Europe and the Near East, with a special focus on the Western knowledge of the Arab, Ottoman, and Persian world from 1500-1800.

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