The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theology

ISBN : 9780199677979

Mary McClintock Fulkerson; Sheila Briggs
608 Pages
172 x 246 mm
Pub date
Nov 2013
Oxford Handbooks in Religion and Theology
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This innovative volume highlights the relevance of globalization and the insights of gender studies and religious studies for feminist theology. Beginning with a discussion of position of the discipline at the turn of the twenty-first century, the handbook seeks to present an inclusive account of feminist theology in the early twenty-first century that acknowledges the reflection of women on religion beyond the global North and its forms of Christianity. Globalization is taken as the central theme, as the foremost characteristic of the context in which we do feminist theology today. The volume traces the impacts of globalization on gender and religion in specific geographical contexts, describing the implications for feminist theological thinking. A final section explores the changing contents of the field, moving towards new models of theology, distinct from both the structure and language of traditional Christian systematic theology and the forms of secular feminism. The handbook draws on material from every populated continent, with chapters provided by a diverse team of international scholars.


1. Feminist theology and the global imagination
2. Feminist theology and the Jewish tradition
3. What is Feminist Theology?
4. Transethnic feminist theology of Asia: Globalization, identities, and solidarities
5. Gynocentric thealogy of Tantric Hinduism: A meditation upon the Devi
6. Globalization and religion: analysis from an Afro-Columbian feminist perspective
7. 'The world palpitates': Globalization and the religious faith and practices of Latin American women
8. Globalization, women, and religion in the Middle East
9. Interrupting 'global-speak': a feminist theological response from southern Africa to globalization
10. 1. Theological perspective on mutual solidarity in the context of globalization: the Circle's experience
11. Woman lost in the global maze: women and religion in East Africa under globalization
12. Feminist theologies and the European context
13. Globalization the second wave of colonization: impacts on wahine Maori.
14. First nation, empire and globalization
15. 1. Feminism, Inc.: Globalization and North American feminist theologies
16. Beyond theology of religions: the epistemological and ethical challenges of inter-religious engagement
17. Beyond the god/man duo: globalization, feminist theology, and religious subjectivity
18. Feminist theologies of a world scripture/s in the globalization era
19. The challenges of globalization for Muslim women
20. Theology and identity in the context of globalization
21. Doing a theology from disappeared bodies: theology, sexuality, and the excluded bodies of the discourses of Latin American Liberation Theology
22. Globalization and women's bodies in Latin America
23. Globalization and narrative
24. La Morenita on skis: Women's popular Marian piety and feminist research on religion
25. Feminist ritual practice
26. Globalization, women's transnational migration, and religious de-traditioning

About the author: 

Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Duke University Divinity School; Sheila Briggs, University of Southern California

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